Chat Heads Bust Out Of Facebook App Prison Thanks To Jailbreak Tweak

If you’ve used the new Facebook app, you might have found yourself bumping into those quirky Chat Heads, the new circular messenger icons that stick to the sides of your screen. First launched on Android as part of the Facebook Home initiative, the iOS version keeps them confined within the walls of the Facebook app, until now. Adam Bell, 21-year old Computer Science major, has created a hack that breaks those beloved Chat Heads out from confinement, allowing you to stick them to the sides of your screen when surfing the web, playing your favorite game or even when viewing your home screen.

Chat Heads on iOS

According to Bell, the Chat Heads are within a separate layer from the Facebook app. His hack makes that layer makes the rest of the Facebook app transparent. Upon doing so, the Chat Heads are left free to roam your screen. Flick’em, move’em, drag’em. When you are ready to chat, tap within a Chat Head to resume a conversation via Facebook Messenger.

There are still a few issues, such as crashing Chat Heads, but the developer aims to get those resolved prior to release. He expects to release it for free on Cydia with the next few days.

Source: The Verge



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