How to change your Apple ID

For users that are deeply imbedded in to the Apple ecosystem, your Apple ID is one of the most important pieces of the puzzle to have. It’s your key to everything Apple; whether it be iTunes, iCloud and iChat, buying from the Apple online store, the App Store, or much more. But what happens if you need to change the email address associated with the account? Today I’ll be covering just that. While it is a very simple process, it’s one that many users (myself included) may not be familiar with how to do.

To start, you’ll want to visit the My Apple ID homepage. On the right hand side, you’ll see options for creating an Apple ID and managing and existing one. Click “Manage your account” and you’ll be asked for your current login details. From there, you’ll be directed to what I’ll refer to as the Apple ID “dashboard”.

The first screen you’ll see by default will have your name that’s associated with the account, and the email address. To edit the primary email address simply click the Edit button across from the primary email, enter the new email address, and click Save Changes. It is important to note that when changing the primary email, you may be required to validate the address, so make sure you can actually access it before making the change. You may also be required to re-associate the account the next time you use Apple services on your iDevice. From the same screen you can also add additional email addresses should you choose to do so; or navigate the links on the left to change all of the details of your account such as physical address, phone number, shipping address, etc.

For those of you that do not have computer access, don’t fret! Visit the App Store on your iDevice, scroll to the bottom, and click on your Apple ID, and choose View Apple ID. After entering your password you’ll be directed to a screen where you can change the email address associated with the account.

Setting Options For Reseting Your Password
Apple allows you to set an alternative email address. Should you forget your password, Apple will send reset instructions to your alternative address. There are also security questions that you can answer, which can also reset your password. If you make too many incorrect attempts, you’re account will be locked for 8 hours.

Apple ID chat

In a worse case scenario, such as an 8-hour lockout, you do have options. If you visit the support center for iTunes, you can access a live chat. Here they will verify your account by asking you for your birth date, last four digits of the credit card on your account and your current address. The support representative will then provide you with an option to reset to an alternative email, should you not have one or not have access to the one you had on file.

NOTE: You will have to log out and log back in with the new login information to keep using your account.

And that’s it, using these directions, you should have no problem when you need to change your Apple ID. As mentioned, make sure to save any changes and you’re good to keep using that ecosystem we’ve all come to know and (most of the time) love!



  1. Reza says


    I followed your directions but there is no edit button across from my primary email. I only have edit buttons in front of my name and my alternate email addresses. How come you have an edit button and I don’t?



  2. Dallas Phil says

    It would sure be nice to be able to combine two Apple ID’s. I have an old .me ID that gives me fits every so often because a few of my apps were purchased under this ID. I cannot update these apps unless I sign out of my main ID and then back on with the .me ID. Then I have to sign off and back on to be logged in under my main ID, A royal pain!

  3. John MacMillan says

    Everything about Apple ID and iTunes is a royal pain. I rue the day I ever changed my home computers to Apple. I love the hardware but the company and the way it operates if a Gestapo bunch of pricks. Try moving country and see what happens to all your iTunes stuff. A bloody shambles.

  4. Josh london says

    What should I do if I can’t access my hotmail account anymore but that’s what my apple I.d. Is set up as now and still works but I really really need and want to Chang my I.d. I just. Can’t get the validation numbers they ask for because hotmail deleted my account……. What should I do?????

  5. Jason Ross says

    I have tried everything & I can’t get my Apple Id password to work! I know what it is but Apple seems to disagree. I am furious & just want to make a new one but Apple won’t let me…I just need you’re help, now! I miss my android

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