Case-Mate iPhone 5 Cases Use Premium Materials, Loved By Selena Gomez

Case-Mate is here at CES 2013 and we got a chance to look at their line of premium iPhone 5 cases. The focus of their Craftsmen line is to incorporate high quality natural materials sourced throughout the world. High quality woods, mother of pearl inlays and other distinct cases that Case-Mate hopes will set them apart from other case manufacturers.

Case-Mate Woods iPhone 5 cases

The design philosphy employed by Case-Mate was to use other familiar high end products and bring that same appeal to an iPhone 5 case. Case-Mate told us this inspiration come from high end sports cars, premium eye wear and brands like Chanel. The ‘Woods’ line is reminiscent of materials you might find in an expensive automobile, while the acetate line borrows from eyewear. The tortoise shell case used by Selena Gomez is hand painted.

Selena Gomez iPhone 5 case

These cases are all tied together with a subtle Case-Mate insignia which was also designed so that it reflects light. Case-Mate is clearly focused on the high end here, with most cases starting at around $80.

Acetate iPhone 5 cases

Case-Mate Woods

Some of the Craftsmen cases are available now and the new Case-Mate iPhone 5 cases will be available shortly for purchase at