Earlier this week, Apple Music made its long awaited debut on iOS devices, PCs and Macs. Coupled with Beats 1, a 24-hour streaming radio service and a completely redesigned iOS app, it was a big coming out party for Apple’s streaming music service which has launched to positive reviews. For those who installed iOS 8.4.1, they have an opportunity to take advantage of an extensive trial period of 3-months. The new Music app has a number features that require subscribing to their new service. There have been reports of users experiencing problems signing up to Apple Music and there appears to be a correlation between subscription problems and being a former subscriber of Apple’s iTunes Match service.

can't subscribe to Apple Music

The problem occurs when attempting to Choose a Plan for Apple Music. There are two options – the individual account for $9.99 or the family plan for $14.99. These plans don’t kick in until after the 90 day trial period. You’re simply authorizing Apple to charge the credit card associated with the account once the trial period concludes.

A number of users are having trouble subscribing to Apple Music. When attempting to choose a plan, they are receive the following message:

Sorry. We’ve found a problem that prevents us from signing you up for Apple Music at this time. We expect to have it fixed within a few days, and we thank you for your patience.

Given the excitement surrounding Apple Music, one might naturally attribute this to server issues, given the large scale rollout and demand. Though based on recent discussions on Apple’s support forums, it appears the issue is affecting those who had previously subscribed to iTunes Match, but had previously cancelled their subscription.

“I used iTunes Match in the past and chose not to renew it and I am having issues signing up for Apple Music.”

“I also had iTunes Match previously and didn’t renew it, now I’m receiving the same error.”

“Same here. Cancelled iTunes Match after a year. Cannot start an Apple Music subscription.”

“Same error. Also had iTunes Match a couple years ago that I never renewed. ”

“Same problem for me, can’t subscribe and I also had iTunes Match but cancelled about two years ago.”

As a former subscriber of iTunes Match, I’m among those who have had problems signing up to Apple Music. There appear to be a few workarounds. You can join an existing family plan, provided someone else signs up. Some users have had success logging out of their non-iCloud Apple ID for iTunes purchases and using their iCloud account.

Given the specificity of the error message, you can expect that Apple will have this resolved in a matter days.