Let’s face it, roughing it isn’t exactly the same with an iPhone. That doesn’t mean you can’t still put a tent up in the woods and hangout with the Angry Birds bunch.  Even better, the iPhone can provide you with some new-age tools for your camping trip.  Read on to see our 5 free must have camping apps for iPhone, along with mini reviews of each of the apps we recommend for your next camping trip.

Flashlight O
First rule of camping, bring a flashlight.  That being said – There are many flashlight apps available in the App Store – so far the best I’ve found is Flashlight O from iHandy Inc. The interface is simply an on and off toggle and a build in compass.  In addition a 10 speed strobe light is built in (adjustable from the top).  Use it to scare off an animal or have a dance party in the woods – or both.  The light comes on instantaneously and works better than any flashlight app we’ve tried.  In case of emergencies, the strobe light has a prebuilt SOS pattern.

Survival Guide

You’re (hopefully) not going to be in a desperate situation when you’re camping, though sometimes the more it feels that way, the more fun it is.  Regardless, you can still learn a lot from Survival Guide.  This app is a glorified eBook, broken into 19 Chapters and multiple appendixes.  Each Chapter/Appendix is just a PDF which you can read through to learn skills from shelter building, to wild plant guidelines and more.  Not only can it help you survive should a desperate situation arise, it’s some great reading while out in the wilderness.

WebMD for iPhone

We did a full review of WebMD for iPad in the past which you can find here.  This great app is also available for the iPhone and the reason it makes our list is its excellent First Aid Section.  This section of the app will provide detailed professional instructions on various first aid techniques and treatments.  Camping always brings with it a heightened risk of injury.  Why then not have a heightened contingency plan by including the Free WebMD app for your iPhone.

Air Horn

This insanely simple app launches with only the picture of an Air Horn.  A short sentence explains that you can tap the horn to make a loud noise or shake the phone for a different one.  It should be obvious why this app is included in our camping App list.  If you happen to be in a situation where you are unable to get the attention of someone – let the iPhone do it for you.

How to Tie Knots

If you know anything about Boyscouts, you know they’re big on knowing knots.  Why?  Because Knot tying is a staple knowledge bit of being outdoors.  Knowing different knot tying techniques is just like having a toolbox of tools to use for different purposes.  In this case a rope of the like is the physical tool, but the knowledge of tying them is the real tool.  Use this app to help you learn different knot tying techniques in 3D.

We hope you enjoyed this App Roundup of apps to help you Camp.  Let us know how you fared in the comments!