Depending on what you use your iPad for, you may or may not ever have a use to turn it into a temporary calculator.  I occasionally find myself needing a calculator either for personal finances or work related tasks.  There are a number of options for the iPad, many of them even free to satisfy your calculator needs.  However, Calcbot is exceptional in that it has been updated to take advantage of the new iPad’s Retina Screen.  Join us after the break as we take a look at this calculator app in our CalcBot review.

CalcBot Review for iPad and iPhone

Most of the free calculators available in the app store will suffice to do simple calculations.  However there is a key feature which they will not do.  This is that they will not save the history of your calculations – allowing for multistage calculations.  Need a calculator to do that?  Look no further than CalcBot.  This is a high resolution calculator which has the ability to handle multiple steps and send them all in an email.

CalcBot Review

CalcBot retina display calculator

In addition to the history piling up along side your calculation, your steps are also noted in real time beneath the main calculation area.  This allows you to continuously check your steps to ensure you didn’t miss an input.  It’s very intuitive to use and works quickly.  The settings button is limited to sending your “tape” through email, or clearing it.  You also have the option to enable or disable sounds by clicking the i in the bottom right of the app.  You can choose to round for currency as well.

Calculator iPad

Calcbot is a nice looking calculator that can handle all the tasks the built in calculator can.  In addition, it adds some much needed tools such as a history tape and a real time step by step preview of your calculation.  The app is universal for both iPad and iPhone for $1.99.  While the extra tools are useful, unless you have the specific need to use them, I would stick with a free calculator app for now.  $1.99 isn’t a ton of money, but with as much as there is available in the app store, there are many other options it can go towards.

Calcbot retails for $1.99 and is available in the App Store for purchase and download.