If you’ve recovered from your tryptophan induced turkey coma and looking to score some great Black Friday deals, you can do so right from your iPhone. Sure the focus each year is on doorbuster TVs, but with each year, consumers are often finding better deals before and after Black Friday. A sale isn’t a great sale unless it’s a great product. With that in mind, we’ve combed the App Store, selecting the absolute best iOS app deals for iPhone and iPad. There are plenty of apps on sale and plenty more to come with Cyber Monday. We’ve boiled down the list to those worthy of your consideration. Most of these apps have found their way to our Best Apps section or more recently, in our Apps of the Week features, where we highlight the best and brightest new apps. The holiday season is often the best and only time that some apps go on sale. You can’t go wrong with any of our top 10 iOS App Black Friday deals.

Black Friday app deals

Paprika Recipe Manager

With all of the holiday cooking around the corner, you’re going to need an app to manage all of your recipes. Recipe managers are an investment. Whichever app you select, you’re going to spend time entering all of your existing recipes. They are apps you’ll use for years to come, so you’ll want the best and Paprika is that app. It’s sold as three separate apps (Mac, iPhone, iPad), depending on your needs. They use their own Cloud sync to keep all of your recipes in sync and I can happily report that it works flawlessly.

Paprika recipe app

It has a built-in integrated browser to easy clip and save recipes. Entering recipes is super easy. It will recognize and suggest ingredients. When it’s time to go shopping, it’ll provide you with an intelligent list sorted by aisle.

Paprika has long been one of my favorites and you can get it today at a substantial discount. And yes, I make awesome Buffalo Wings.

Get Paprika : iPhone, iPad, Mac


Often referred to as the calendar app which should replace Apple’s stock calendar app, Fantastical is a wonderful alternative to the stock calendar app. It’s among our Best Paid Apps list and Best Calendar Apps for iPhone and iPad. It supports natural language. Type an entry “Meet Greg for lunch on Sunday at 2” and Fantastical will automatically enter the date and time. There are a nice selection of views, so that you can easily see upcoming events.

Fantastical 2

In addition to be incredibly functional, this is a beautiful looking app with subtle animations that aren’t overdone. Simple, well-done and a bargain at today’s Black Friday pricing.

Get Fantastical: iPhone, iPad, Mac


It just so happened that Our favorite to-do list app has been chosen by Apple as their Free App of the Week during the biggest shopping weekend of the year. You can grab a seriously awesome pair of apps for free. Things for iPhone ($9.99) is normally sold separately from Things for iPad ($19.99). The bundle is free representing a savings of $30.

Things iPhone

Like Paprika, Things offers their own proprietary cloud sync. I’ve found it to be fast and efficient. To-do list apps range from too basic to overly complicated. Things strikes a perfect balance between features and simplicity. I purchased the suite when it wasn’t on sale and it’s been a favorite ever since. Getting the iOS apps for free is one of the best app deals we’ve ever seen. It’s that good.

Get Things (iPhone, iPad)


If you’ve read eiC long enough or listened to our podcasts, you’ve undoubtedly seen Plex mentioned on a number of occasions. The Plex for iOS apps are clients that allow you to access moves from your Plex media server. If this all sounds incredibly confusing, check out our guide on how to use a Mac mini to set up the ultimate home theater PC. You can set this up with any computer by simply installing the free media software provided at Plex. Movies added to your ‘media center’ can then be accessed from your iPhone and iPad.

Plex on iPhone

There are so many reasons why Plex rocks. For one, it will pull all of the information about a movie including cover art, director, actors and more. The iOS apps enable you to stream from anywhere, provided your computer is on. That’s one advantage of setting up a dedicated computer. If you have an Apple TV, Plex supports AirPlay, so you can stream you movies to your TV. It’s updated regularly and it’s the absolute best way to manage and view your movie, tv and media.

Get Plex (Universal – works on both iPhone and iPad)

Thomas Was Alone

There are games and there are game experiences. Thomas Was Alone stands apart from the crowd in this engaging story about a rectangle. You’ll proceed through a journey that includes 100 levels of gameplay in an emotional story that features narration by Danny Wallace. The game made its debut on iOS earlier this year, but has sold millions worldwide. It received a BAFTA award, that’s British Film and Television Awards for your yankees and the praise for this minimalist gamer continues. It’s also won an Editor’s Choice on the App Store.

A stunning gamer that has earned a perfect score from App Store reviewers. Get it now, at half the price.

Get Thomas Was Alone

Whether it’s a big screen TV or an iOS app, sales are only great when you’re getting good return on your investment. This list represents the absolute best of the best, all on sale and in some cases free. You can score big on Black Friday, without having to get up off the couch.