Apple has been reluctant to to manufacture a big iPhone, leaving many wondering if it’s a case of can’t or won’t go big. Next week we’ll see not one, but two iPhones, but neither will be the iPhone many, but certainly not all users want from Apple. If prognosticators are correct, they will announce the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C, a low-cost model that will be a win for both Apple and consumers. For many, the focus will once again be on Apple’s flagship. The existing customer base doesn’t care about cheap iPhones. For them, it’s all about the form factor, materials, display, processor and the list goes on. What makes this iPhone better than the last and why should I upgrade? Ultimately, customers are looking for reasons to upgrade and Apple has thus far obliged. With each iteration, there have been sufficient technology gains or improvements that warranted upgrading, even if there was a fair amount of bitching during ‘S’ upgrade years. So will this year be any different?

Big iPhone

The Elephant Not In The Room

Product leaks suggest the iPhone 5S will have the very same 4-inch display that Apple debuted last September. When the iPhone 5 was released, it represented a jump from 3.5-inch display to a 4-inch display. A seriously nice improvement, but it did nothing to appease customers lusting after larger displays offered by Samsung, HTC and others.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has been adamant about not making compromises, suggesting other manufacturers are taking shortcuts, with the result ending up as products that sacrifice battery life and display quality. Reviews of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One seem to suggest otherwise. Is this a case of Apple remaining defiant in the face of change, suggesting they know what’s better for their customers? Are they slow to adapt or is Cook on point when describing technology challenges required to deliver a larger iPhone?

People who follow Apple are well aware of what’s coming next week, but that’s only a fraction of the iPhone universe. Next week, they will see a new iPhone with a faster processor, improved camera and likely new fingerprint sensing home button. When it all goes down next week, will this year’s ‘S’ series installment be enough to satiate owners anxiously looking for reasons to upgrade or will the lack of bigger display have owners heading into the arms of the jolly green giant.