Have you got that special someone in your life who absolutely loves their iPad or iPad mini. There is a sea of iPad accessories, but which one should you get that will be a hit? We present our best iPad gift ideas for iPad users. We’ll make your holiday shopping and gift giving incredibly easy.

Best iPad Cases & Accessories For Any Budget

Under $30
INVELLOP Leatherette Case Cover: If you are looking for bang for your buck and want a full boat solution, you’ll be hard pressed to find something less expensive and as robust as the INVELLOP Leatherette Case Cover for iPad. Available for all iPad models, this is not real leather, but that’s to be expected at this price point. Still, it’s a handsome looking case that will serve as a stand and offer a high level of protection against spills. This portfolio style case comes in assortment of colors and it is ideal for men and women who are business professionals. Patrick Jordan, Owner and Editorial Director for iPadInsight calls the Invellop, “the perfect combination of good looks; a sleek, perfect fit; slim and light style; and great functionality. This is what the iPad Smart Case should’ve been and more.”

Invellop iPad case

iPad Slip Case (Waterfield, SF Bags): Some iPad users dislike the thought of putting a case on their iPad. For the purist who wants nothing to do with cases, a slip cover allows them to transport their iPad, while protecting it from the harsh, cold world. Slide it out of the pouch and they can resume enjoying the iPad without any case infringing upon their purist ways.

SfBags iPad Slip Case

Under $40
Smart Cover: Available at your local Apple Store or online, the Apple Smart Cover is a perfect accessory for the iPad or iPad mini. Using magnetic clips, it easily attaches to the iPad. The cover automagically turns the iPad on or off when opened or closed. It comes in a bunch of fun colors and keeps the slim appeal of the iPad in tact. The Smart Case, not to be confused with Smart Cover, adds a layer of protection for the back – although reviews have been mixed. The Smart Cover works with all types of screen protectors like the Zagg Invisible Shield.

iPad Smart Cover

Under $75
Portenzo BookCase: For the discriminating iPad user, the Portenzo BookCase is a finely crafted case that combines natural wood and high quality materials. Made in the USA, it supports the sleep/wake feature just like Apple’s Smart Cover. Beyond the craftsmanship, you can really customize this case for your friend, family member or significant other. Portenzo offers a choice of 10 colors for the exterior and interior. Since this embodies the looks of a journal, it comes with an elastic strap to keep your iPad secure, which can also comes in a variety of colors. Other options include the IntelliStand, camera opening and a stylus compartment.

Portenza iPad case

If you are shopping this style, Dodocase offers a great selection, all which are of similar high quality cases.

Dodocase iPad

Under $100
iPad Keyboard
By adding a physical keyboard to an iPad, it immediately becomes a productivity workhorse. Using Bluetooth technology, keyboards can communicate with the iPad and take over the typing duties. The Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for iPad acts as both a cover and transforms into a stand with keyboard. This particular keyboard was designed with the iPad in mind, so it has special buttons that are iPad specific. When your finished typing, it wraps around your iPad and switches back to case mode. These retail for around $99. Savvy buyers can find them for $82 at Amazon.

Logitech Ultrathin keyboard cover

iPad Retro Gaming Cabinet
iCade: This arcade cabinet combines with the power of the iPad to offer a retro gaming console, reminiscent of the 80’s and the Atari games of yesteryear. It connects via Bluetooth and comes with a full joystick and buttons, for an old school gaming experience. Simply insert the iPad (any model other than the iPad mini will work) into the cabinet and download Atari Greatest Hits. Don’t worry, the app is free and comes with Missile Command. Additional game packs are extra. 3-game packs retail for $0.99 or get the entire 100 game pack for just $14.99. If you get this, don’t be surprised if it becomes the main attraction this holiday season at your house. It won’t support new games, but this is a chance to introduce your kids to old school games that still shine on today’s modern technology. These retail anywhere from $69 to $99. Best Buy has them on sale for $49.99.

iCade retro gaming console iPad

Under $200
Jambox by Jawbone
With the Jambox by Jawbone, the lucky iPad user to receive this gift can forget about wires and clumsy docks. Using Bluetooth technology, music from the iPad streams effortlessly to the Jambox. Marianne Schultz, co-host of everythingiCafe: the show, calls this her “favorite Bluetooth accessory for the iPhone. It’s super compact yet still puts out good sound and has great battery life. And my mom keeps trying to steal it. Though “Santa” has one for her for Christmas so she’ll stop trying and leave me alone.” Enjoy high quality audio in an incredibly small and portable package. This is ideal for travelers or those who want to take their music on the go. It’s not just for music. The Jambox can provide improved sound for your gaming experience and can be used for watching movies.

Jawbone Jambox

Any Budget
iTunes Gift Card
Choosing a case or dock can often be a difficult task, since each iPad user has their own personal style and some might already own a case. One gift that never gets old and can fit into any budget is an iTunes Gift Card. The iTunes Store offers everything an iPad user could want, including music, iBooks, movies and apps. Some retailers offer cards that are specific to the likes of the gift recipient. For example, you can get an iTunes Card that has apps as the card design or books as the card design. It’s just one more way to personal your gift.

iTunes Gift Cards

Shopping for the holidays can be stressful, especially when buying for that person who has everything. If they currently own an iPad or have one coming this holiday season, the above list should be a great start to finding the perfect gift for the iPad user in your life. Be sure to stop back post holiday season and let us know how you fared with our gift ideas.