The weather category has always been a bit of an odd bird, with a stark difference between minimal apps and those which provide information overload. Thankfully when browsing the iTunes Store, there are no shortage of alternatives. Choosing the best weather apps for iPhone is no easy task, given the disparity of what users find important in a weather application. One common thread in this category are the number of apps that offer impeccable design. Without further ado, here are 8 gorgeous weather apps for iPhone.

Best Weather apps for iPhone

Solar uses vivid colorscapes that represent the weather in your location. At the top left of display, a crisp typeface displays the time, date, weather, with the temperature readout in a slightly larger, bolder font. Wind direction appears at the bottom, just above your location, which is based on your GPS coordinates or by swiping left to enter a zip code.


The graphics are only part of the design that will have you swooning. The app makes heavy use of gestures, making it a joy to use. Swiping down reveals the 3-day weather forecast. There is no over the top design here, just crisp white icons to represent the weather, combined with the high/low for each day.

Forecast Solar 3 days

If you press and drag up on the display, you can view the weather changes for the next 24 hour period.

Solar 24 hour weather

Solar supports multiple locations. Double tap reveals multiple cities in a card like fashion, making it easy to switch.

Solar locations

When you stop interacting with the app or use a single tap, the colors will start to pulsate in a rhythmic fashion. If you’re seeking relaxation, all that’s missing is some soothing spa music.

Solar retails for $0.99, but happens to be free today. How’s that for timing?

Solar weather app iPhone

Weather 2x
Combining stunning imagery and visualizations that include moving clouds, Weather 2x isn’t short on information either. Date, location and temperature is just the start. You’ll also see rainfall, visibility, humidity and wind direction.

Weather 2x

Swipe left and it reveals a graphically rich display of weather in 3 hour increments for up to 5 days. Swipe in the other direction and you can add or switch locations.

Weather 2x 3 hourly

A persistent tab at the bottom of the app allows you to pull up to reveal the 5-day forecast, which can also be accessed with a double-tap. The graphics are similar to what you’d see on your local weather report. The dark textured background allows for the detailed graphics to pop.

Weather 2x forecast

Weather 2X retails for $0.99 and is available in the App Store.

Weather 2x

One of the more interesting weather app designs, Vycloud also happens to be one of the more informative apps in this group. Despite providing a good amount of data, it never feels busy. The main screen offers three rows of information. The first row shows current conditions, high, low temps along with sunrise and sunset.


The second row is similar to Weather 2x in that you have a moving photorealistic rendering of the current weather. Today’s date and current time also occupy this section.

Vycloud pane

At the bottom, there is a chart that shows the temperature throughout the day. During the spring in NY, we typically swings in temperature.  It’s not uncommon to see warm weather during the day, with cooler temps at night. Vycloud accurately captures and displays this information, so you don’t leave that jacket at home. Tapping on this row will bring up a similar chart that displays the current wind speed for 24 hours.

Vycloud 5 day forecast

Swiping left and you get a great set of bar charts that instantly update showing the chance of rain or snow, cloud cover, humidity and barometric pressure.

Vycloud retails for $0.99 and is available in the App Store.


Today Weather
This app manages to perfect the delicate balance of a minimal design coupled with the most pertinent weather information. The default look has your location, time, temperature, high/low and humidity level. Gorgeous icons are used to show the weather for today. Today strives to keep things tidy, by only using a third of the screen, with the background a flat black with Today barely visible.

Today Weather

Tapping on the weather will bring up the kitchen sink where you’ll find wind gusts and temperatures for the next 12 hours. At the bottom, there is small bar that teases three different panes.

Today Weather expanded

Swiping right brings up a fantastic 7-day forecast, with graphical representations of the high and low for each day. Swipe in the other direction and you’ll see the weather for each hour for the following three days.

Today 7-day forecast

Today Weather retails for $0.99 and is available in the App Store.

Today Weather

There is plenty of talk that iOS 7 will see a UI overhaul with an emphasis on flat design. An app that exemplifies these design principles is Weathercube. The app also seems to have a heavy Windows Phone influence with its tile interface.


As we noted in our review of Weathercube, the gestures used are fun, complete with quirky sounds as you explore the weather. The reliance on white vector icons set on a flat, bright color takes some adjustment. It might not be the easiest app to quickly recognize current or future weather conditions.

Weathercube flat design

No weather app can compete when it comes to the high quality sounds and vast array of gesture based actions in Weathercube. You might yourself less concerned with the weather and more with swiping, pinching and navigating this fun UI.

Weathercube retails for $0.99 and is available in the App Store.


Dark Sky
While this technically gets classified in the weather group, it acts more like a rain notification system. It will notify you when it is about to rain. On a sunny day, Dark Sky isn’t particularly useful. In fact, it doesn’t offer any information related to weather other than rain. If it’s a particularly dry day, he developers allow you to live vicariously through other areas who are experiencing storm conditions. If you are searching for your rain fix, this app is for you.


The design of the app certainly benefits from its narrow focus. Similar to Vycloud, it displays rows, two of which are solely dedicated to if there is any rain now and will there be any rain in the next hour. A subtle tab at the bottom will show you a 24 hour view for expected rainfall.


You almost want rain to experience the pulsating lava lamp graphics providing a breakdown of rain levels from Heavy to Light over the next hour.

Raining app

Dark Sky retails for $3.99 and is available in the App Store.


Partly Cloudy
Taking much of the current weather conditions and displaying the forecast in a unique clock format that results in a gorgeous looking info-graphic that is brimming with data. The clock uses color to display the temperature, using portions of the inner circle to represent rain forecast for a certain timeframe.

Partly Cloudy

If graphics aren’t your thing, Partly Cloudy also shows key information in a subdued gray typeface set on a soothing beige background. Winding the clock forward will update the weather and the info-graphic. Tapping the center of the clock and you can access 12-hour, 24 hour and 7-day view.

Partly Cloudy 7-day forecast

A unique and exquisite design that stands out in a crowded App Store.

Partly Cloudy retails for $1.99 and is available in the App Store.

Partly Cloudy

Simplicity rules with Haze.The temperature is front and center, set over a colorful background that animates. If the forecast is for warmer temperatures, animations will flutter upward. The level of animation dictates how much of a change.

Haze weather app for iPhone

At any point, you can tap on the center to reveal more information including high/low, windspeed/direction.

Similar to Weathercube, Haze uses high quality sounds to help create for a more visceral experience. There are three main sections: hours of sunlight, temperature and humidity levels. You can switch between them a number of ways, either by swiping, tapping on the small icons at the bottom or by tilting your iPhone.

Haze weather

Haze retails for $2.99, but is on sale now in the App Store for $1.99.


If you have an appreciation for beautifully designed apps and weather apps in particular, there are no shortage of those which will meet or exceed your expectations. Some excel in areas of minimal design, while others succeed by delivering graphically rich interfaces, visuals and sound effects. They all deserve to be mentioned when discussing the best weather apps for iPhone.