When it comes to deciding the best Twitter app for iPhone, rest assured it’s no easy task. While there are good Twitter clients for other platforms, nothing compares to the embarrassment of riches that occurs in iOS. But what if you had to choose only one? That’s our aim today as we select the absolute best Twitter app for iPhone.

Best Twitter app for iPhone

The Field of Competitors
There are several Twitter apps that anyone would deem very good and some of which would rule on any other platform. I’m looking at you Android. As of March 21st, 2012 there were over 140 million Twitter users and that number is growing daily by leaps and bounds. The huge market provides a tremendous revenue opportunity generating interest of developers and a large selection of apps. All of which are feature-rich, to the point where most any of them would meet the qualifications of even the most stringent power users. Some of our favorites include:

Twittelator Neue $2.99
Looking for a fresh look that stands out from the rest, then look no further than Twittelator Neue from Stone Design, who by the way also developed Twittelator Pro, one of our earlier favorites. From the moment you first login, you are greeted with the sound of a harp playing. Oh the peace serenity of Twitter. The Neue part seems to refer to the use of Helvetica Neue, which happens to be the font used at our sister site for Windows Phone. You’ll need to love this font, which we do, to love this app. If your feed is filled with Instagram users or simply the occasional photo, Neue provides with a full width preview and fancy animations when you click to expand the image. The familiar tabbed menu options appear at the bottom and they float atop your feed creating a 3D experience of sorts. At every turn, you’ll see incredible attention to design and animation, none of which will slow you down. Elegant, beautiful and worthy of your attention. Twittelator Neue has it all.

Twittelator Neue

Twitterific for Twitter $2.99
Developed by the folks behind IconFactory, this apps is chock filled with design elements that will turn heads. You can choose from one of three themes (Raven, Snowy or Basic), but we’d opt for anything but basic here. When combined with Twitterific for Mac, you can take advantage of timeline sync between your Mac and your iPhone using TweetMarker.


Twitter Free
The 800 pound gorilla in the room is the official Twitter app. Borne from the hard work of Loren Brichter, the developer who created Tweetie, prior to being employed by Twitter. The app has undergone a number of transitions, some of which caused rage among users.

Twitter for iPhone

We’re going to let bygones be bygones and include this in our group of favorites. The deep integration with iOS 5 makes setup a breeze. The original “pull to refresh” remains our favorite feature not only in this app, but in others who have borrowed it. While the “Discover” tab still rubs us the wrong way, this app scores points for simplicity. With it’s attractive price tag of free, this serves as the perfect starter app for someone just learning about Twitter. Keeping things simple is likely what they had in mind, allowing for the influx of new users to find it easy to acclimated to the world of tweeting.

Tweetbot $2.99
It all starts here with a simply amazing looking user interface. The developers have poured over every element of the UI, without falling into the trap of over design. When you add the usability features, that include swipe right to view a conversation, it’s incredibly easy to get around. Beyond visual cues, the sounds of Tweetbot when coupled with incredibly well done animations are subtle and provide for a Twitter experience that is sublime. Tap and hold either of the two far-right tabs and you can further customize the app to what works best for you.

Tweetbot for iPhone

And then there was one
To be the best, you have to beat the best. At the end of the day, these are all simply wonderful Twitter apps for iPhone and I personally find myself using them all at different times. The one Twitter app that remains the champion and a slot in my dock is Tweetbot. The artful combination of speed, finesse and beautiful design gives Tweetbot the distinction of earning the everythingiCafe award for the Best Twitter App for iPhone in 2012.

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