The App Store has hundreds of thousands of apps, often making it difficult to find the apps worth your time and investment. We’ve detailed the best free iPhone apps, so which are the best paid iPhone apps? Join us for our comprehensive and continuously updated list of the best paid iPhone apps. These are the apps which consistently delivery high ratings and return on your investment. In some cases, you’ll find they’ll replace the default apps on your iPhone.

Best paid iPhone apps

Clear – $1.99
Creating lists and completing to-dos can be dull, but not with Clear from Realmac software. This to-do list will win your heart with it’s fun gesture based navigation. Swiping down and release and it’ll place your cursor in position to start creating a new to-do. Swipe left to remove it completely. Swiping right will mark it as completed. It will remain in your list, but it’ll be grayed out and crossed-out. Lists created in Clear are vibrant colors, with a nod to the minimal interface found on Windows Phone. It’s not only the fun gestures and beautiful UI that’s on display with Clear. As you navigate through the app, the audio alerts are incredibly well done.

Clear on iPhone

There are other list apps that have more features, but that’s not the lure of Clear. It’s the simplicity and attention to detail that makes you want to use this app. If you are using Clear, that means you are actively creating and updating your lists.

Clear app

Tweetbot – $2.99
On iOS, it’s an embarrassment of riches when it comes to Twitter apps, with Twitter’s own app even being worthy of consideration. At the top of the pack is Tweetbot, which carries the distinction of being our Best Twitter App for iPhone and for good reason.

Tweetbot on iPhone

The amazing user interface features some fancy animations as you swipe your way through tweets, conversations and more. Tweetbot is not only the best Twitter app for iPhone, it’s the best on any platform and well worth the price of admission.

Tweetbot for iPhone

Track 8 – $1.99
Apple has done little to the stock music app on iOS, but you can easily add a new app to take over the heavy lifting of listening to your favorite music. Track 8 offers a stunning interface, with its crisp Windows Phone metro UI. Images of your favorite artists are downloaded in the background. Any music or playlists you created in the default Music app are available in Track 8.

Track 8 iPhone

One great feature is the speed of accessing music. Tapping on a category brings up tiles A-Z and you just tap on the letter to search for an artist. This makes it a breeze to navigate through and find your music. Track 8 is the perfect mix of beauty and functionality, making it the perfect replacement app for the default music app on your iPhone.

Track 8

Ringtonium Pro – $1.99
Any of the ringtone apps require you sync your ringtones back through your Mac or PC, putting them all on equal footing. Our favorite ringtone app for iPhone is Ringtonium Pro which offers easy-to-use playback and editing controls for creating free ringtones for your iPhone using your existing music library. The slider controls help you select the amount of time for your ringtone.

Ringtonium on iPhone

The FX options tab lets you add Fade-in, Fade-out, Pitch, Reverse, Flange and Echo. These all combine to make one great ringtone app for the iPhone and deserved of being one of the best paid iPhone apps available in the App Store.

Ringtonium create free ringtones iPhone

Flight+ Track Live -$1.99
Whether you travel often or pick up the occasional relative at the airport, you will want Flight+ by your side. Gone are the days of checking airline websites or ‘gulp’, calling for updates. Flight+ will forever be your assistant for tracking flights. To add flights, you don’t even need the flight numbers. Just type in the location of the incoming flight, airline and you’ll have a choice of flights for that day. Tap on the correct flight and the tracking begins. You can view a real-time map and receive notifications on any changes.

Flight+ on iPhone

As flights land, information is automatically reflected in Flight+. The information you receive on flights is beyond comprehensive. Flight+ also has tabs for Airports and Airlines, so you can get information on possible delays. iCloud syncing allows you to keep your flights in sync with all of your iOS devices. Flight+ manages to present all of this information in sliding page format that won’t overwhelm and it is all you’ll ever need to track flights on your iPhone.

Reeder – $1.99
RSS feeds are a great way to consume and track news from your favorite sites. As stories are published, RSS feeds are updated and available in your RSS reader. While our favorite desktop reader is Google Reader. Reeder for iPhone will sync with your Google Reader account and do so at blazing fast speeds. The minimal interface allows you to focus on what’s important and that’s the content of your favorite sites.

Reeder on iPhone

You can view all of your new articles are tap the menu button for an alphabetical listing of your subscriptions. Reeder also offers support for a host of sharing services including Readability, Instapaper and Pocket. Elegant, effective and fast.
Reeder iPhone RSS app

Slingplayer for iPhone – $14.99
Expensive at $15 and even more so at it’s regular priced $30, Slingplayer for iPhone also requires hardware like the Slingbox 350
putting the total expenditure around $200. What you end up with is full control over your home television on your iPhone. You can watch record programs on your DVR, watch live TV, regardless of the brand of DVR.

Slingplayer for iPhone

Slingplayer for iPhone brings your home TV to your iPhone and that’s why it makes our best iPhone app list. There is no other solution that brings your personal TV direct to your iPhone. Expensive, but a worthwhile investment for anyone who loves TV.

Slingplayer for iPhone

Things – $14.99
Feel like getting organized and taking on new projects for home, work or both. Plenty of apps will do the trick, but none manage the delicate balance of providing project management tools with the perfect feature-set like Things. This app manages to provide advanced task management, while providing a clear and concise interface. That’s not an easy task, which is why it deserves to be your app for task management. Developers Cultured Code have Apple Design Award for Things.

Things on iPhone

With the launch of Things 2.0, they recently added their own cloud support, which will sync your projects and lists across iPhone, iPad and Mac. There’s an investment here, as each app needs to be purchased individually. If you get the full family of apps, it’ll run $80. Powerful yet simple. These are the apps you’ll want to get things done.

Things GTD app for iPhone

The Tipulator – $0.99
For those of you who enjoy calculating the tip, let’s see you account for local tax and split the bill among a table of 7. For those who want to bask in the glow of a good meal without having to crunch numbers, The Tipulator is for you. The icon design features an after-dinner mint that to date is one of our favorite app icons and a trademark for apps created by Sophiestication  software.

Tipulator on iPhone

Inside you’ll find a receipt design that uses a combination of an on-screen keyboard for quick dollar amount and a scrolling wheel to select your tip amount. A convenient round up feature also makes it easier for large parties. So take a break from crunching numbers, relax and let Tipulator calculate your restaurant check total.


Rayman Jungle Run – $2.99
If you’ve survey the best sellers in the App Store, the number of games vs other categories is disproportionate. Games rule on the iPhone. So much so that we’ll be highlighting the Best iPhone Games in its very own article, but it would be sacrilege not to include at least one in our best of apps list. This distinction goes to 2012 breakout, Rayman Jungle. The side scrolling, arcade action has widespread appeal to both old and new gamers. Rayman brings back memories of your favorite game characters including Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog.

Rayman Jungle Run on iPhone

Our hero runs and jumps through the jungle to collect points and unlock abilities. The game features 40 levels and the retina graphics really showcase the detailed and colorful environments. Great addictive gameplay, a blast to play and if this were in a local arcade, you’d easily pump more than 12 quarters into the machine.

Rayman Jungle Run

MyCalendar Mobile – $0.99
Most iPhone users have birthday information scattered in various places. Contacts, Facebook, jotted on a post-it note in their desk drawer. MyCalendar Mobile (see review) runs out and polls Facebook and Contacts to provide you with a centralized location for your birthdays. It also allows for manual entry to complete the birthday puzzle.

MyCalendar Mobile on iPhone

You can open the app to check on upcoming birthdays and set reminders for when MyCalendar Mobile will remind you. We’ve all had that sinking feeling of having to call a friend or family member the day after their birthday to offer best wishes. For $0.99, you’ll never miss a birthday again and that’s worthy of being a best app for iPhone.

MyCalendar Mobile

Fantastical – $3.99
Keeping with the calendar theme, there’s a fantastic app named Fantastical from Flexibits. Poorly worded pun aside, Fantastical will work side by side with the default Calendar app, pulling existing entries. Adding new entries to Fantastical is where this app shines. If you start typing ‘Meet Gary on Wednesday’, Fantastical will automatically recognize that you are creating an entry for Wednesday.

Fantastical for iPhone

As you type your event, the event entry starts to appear immediately in calendar view. Part magic, part fantastic. Fantastical replaces the default Calendar app and well worth a place in our best of iPhone app list.

Fantastical for iPhone

Alarm Clock Pro – $0.99
Our previous favorite alarm clock app for iPhone had been NightStand HD, which has shifting to freemium pricing. You get the app for free, but then must purchase additional clock faces at the lofty price of $0.99 per clock face. That can get expensive. The new number one is Alarm Clock Pro. The clock faces are limited to an assortment of LCD colors, but they clock looks so much better than whats coming from Night Stand 2 HD. The colors eminating from the LCD read out are crisper and more vivid. Swiping down will dim the readout.

Alarm Clock for iPhone

One of the features that we loved during our original review is the inclusion of ‘gadgets’. A small arrow at the bottom allows for access to gadgets that include a music player (with sleep timer) and a weather forecast for the next five days.

Alarm Clock Pro iPhone

There are plenty of very good paid apps, but our goal here was not to bombard you with a list of moderately good to great apps. What you’ll find above are the absolute best iPhone apps, applications that are worthy of your time and money. With hundreds of thousands of apps in the App Store, there’s no doubt that we’ve missed some. You can expect that over time we’ll continue to update our list. That includes adding apps and removing those which no longer make the cut.

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