It’s Memorial Day this weekend in the US or as I like to call it, the official kick-off to barbecue and grilling season. You might already have a special burger blend that you use, but there are plenty of recipes, timers and other apps to help guide you to become a better grill master. Before you fire up the grill, check out our best BBQ apps for iPhone and iPad.

Best BBQ apps iPhone and iPad

Whether it’s burgers, steaks or a combination, the goal of this app is to help you prepare the meat to your liking. You can set the thickness, how you’d like it cooked and have the built-in timer notify you when it’s ready. One of the app reviewers put it best, “I prefer a cold beverage and good conversation when I grill. Having all my settings programmed allows me to focus on socializing instead of constantly looking at my watch and opening the grill top. For me, that’s priceless.”


This can happen to even the most experienced cooks. Thanks to apps like this one, you no longer do you have to be tied to the grill during social events. Have a cold one with friends and let GrillTime alert as to when it’s time to make the flip.

Meat Temps

This free app provides you with access to the USDA recommendations for recommended temperatures for beef, pork, poultry and seafood. It also adds information on how long steaks should rest. Basic, but does the job providing you with a handy reference tool.

Meat temps


Apple Beer Marinated Pork Chops, Feta Burger with Red Pepper Aioli. These are the types of fun and tasty recipes included with Grill-It! The app also provides a weekly update with new recipes, direct from the GrillingCompanion website, bringing you a steady stream of new recipes. You could pull these from the website for free, but having having pocket access is certainly worth $0.99. The recipes are easy to follow, but you’ll need a shopping list app to pair with Grill-It. This app is not universal, so it requires you make a decision to purchase for the iPhone, iPad or both.

Grill It!


Available on both the iPhone and iPad, Punchfork is the appized version of the popular website. This app provides you with an easy way to find the best new recipes from popular food sites. Punchfork uses real-time social data to see what’s trending and brings those recipes direct to your iOS device. Searching BBQ will reveal some mouth-watering goodness like the Spicy Whiskey BBQ Sliders.


The visual nature of the app brings the recipes in a magazine format, great for finding that last minute recipe while streaking down the grocery aisles.


Don’t let the promise of Vegan Delight options fool you, this app will also provide recipes that you can take to the grill. You can browse the selection of free recipes, classics or chefs. Select the recipe of your choice and after a short download, it’s provided to you with both written and video instructions.


While recipe books are fantastic, there’s nothing quite like watching along to perfect a recipe. As the sun beats down, who doesn’t enjoy a refreshing beverage. Appetites makes it easy, serving up refreshing options like Strawberry Basil Lemonade from Gaby Dalkin. The ‘Chefs’ section of the app is fun, with the chefs moving around, waiting for you to select them.

Video training

If you enjoy recipes from a particular chef, you can access their website from the app or follow them on social networks.

This app brings great recipes, chefs and detailed professionally done videos in a beautifully designed app. The starter recipes are free, but you can add more packs as an in-app purchase.

iGrill Accessory and App

One of the cooler demonstrations we received at CES 2011 was the iGrill. Each iGrill device comes with two iGrill probes, available in either black or white. Priced at $79.95, this will certainly turn heads at any BBQ. More importantly, you’ll be able to track the exact cooking temperature of your meats directly on your iPad or iPhone using the free companion app.

iBooks For Grilling

Hey, there’s nothing like the old traditional cookbook and iBooks modernizes the experience, bring a wealth of cookbooks to your iPad in a matter of seconds. Unlike some the apps mentioned above, iBooks like Big Bob Gibson’s BBQ Book offer more then just recipes, including a bit of grilling history and a number of useful tips that will improve upon your overall cooking. If you are someone who relies on reviews before purchasing a book, shop Amazon and then buy the iBook on your iPad.

Big Bob Gibson’s BBQ Book

If you are new to grilling using apps and iBooks are a great way to learn while making good food. Even experienced grill masters will find usefulness with timer tools and the free USDA reference guide for meat temperatures. Next time you fire up the grill, remember that your iPhone can play a key role in cooking the perfect burger, steak, chicken or seafood. Need help or having a grilling question? Call on our resident grilling expert Dave, but if its recipes you desire, be prepared for at least of the ingredients to be bacon.