For many of us, social networking plays a key part in our lives and for many the definition of social is Facebook. The increased mobility that we enjoy with the iPhone helps us keep in touch when out and about. From status updates to check-ins, the iPhone makes all of that incredibly easy and more enjoyable. So what are the best free Facebook apps for iPhone? Read for more tips on the best apps and how to use them.

Best free iPhone apps for Facebook

For Facebook, the best and really only option is the official application.

Deconstructing the Facebook UI
If you’ve browsed to Facebook from your iPhone, then you’ve seen, which is virtually identical to the official app. The app is significantly faster. While it can be quirky at times, it still provides the best possible experience bringing the same functionality from the desktop to your iPhone. The main blue bar at the top provides you with access to ‘Menu’, Friend Requests, Messages and Notifications. These are the most commonly used features to see what’s happening with your friends and family.

Facebook iPhone how

Just below the blue bar are buttons that allow you to ‘Post a status update’, ‘Share a photo’ or ‘Check-in with your location’.

Deeper Look at Menu
Tapping on the menu will reveal a sliding pane, opening up access to ‘ a list that you should find familiar. You’ll see Favorites with your News Feed, Messages, Events and Find Friends. Click on any of these to be whisked away to your favorite section. Scroll down and you’ll find Groups, Apps, Pages and Lists.

Facebook menu

At the bottom there is access to the Help Center, Settings and Edit Favorites.

Tip: The search feature allows you to search pages and friends. It will include pages that you do not currently ‘like’, so it’s a pretty fair tool for discovering and liking new pages.

Bonus Tip: You can update your Facebook privacy settings using the app. Select ‘Settings’, then ‘Privacy Settings’.

Facebook Privacy settings

Facebook Apps
The App section offers you the ability to Chat directly from the iPhone. Click on ‘Chat’ and you’ll see what friends are ‘online’. There is a small icon to show you if they are currently mobile. But hey, they’ve got an iPhone, so they can chat back!

Photos lets you see what photos of me and your albums. While in Photos, you can select the ‘+’ sign to add a photo either from your library or you can take a photo or video to share. Photos also lets you add a new album to your collection.

If you are a keeper of Notes, maybe recipes or the like, you can view or create new Notes with ease. You can also keep track of ‘Pokes’.

Facebook apps

Facebook also supports other Apps by simply selecting ‘See All’. If you are signed up for Facebook and have an iPhone, this app is a must have.

Facebook Messenger

While you can use Messages on the app, this standalone app provides a better experience for messaging. You can use this application to send messages for free, providing they are members. You can also text groups, get free push notifications. It also supports chat and sharing of photos.

facebook messenger

Again, the big draw here is that the application is free and texting your friends is free when using the app. Note: Data charges do apply.

Facebook Pages

Do you manage pages? This app was developed with you in mind. When using Facebook pages, it allows you to interact with others “as the page”. I know that sounds odd, but posts come from the “name of your page”. This is incredibly powerful given how some people use pages and the number of those who are receiving those messages. Using your iPhone, you can post new messages or respond to activity on your page. Interaction though comments is easily handled with the Facebook Pages Manager.

Facebook Pages app for iPhone

Need to get information on how your page is performing. The Insights section will measure your reach along with your engaged users.

This app is very much like the Facebook app, but it’s for your small business, company or website. You can easily manage your online Facebook presence from an airport, middle of a busy city street or the beach. For your sake, we’re pushing for the beach.

Still Friends

Have you ever wondered if someone ‘unfriended’ you on Facebook. Now you can get hurt feelings with the help of this free app. It’s not all bad though, as this app also shows you how many new friends you’ve accumulated. This is a very basic app, supported by ads, but does the trick. It’s the one app not created by the social networking giant that takes a place on our list of the best free iPhone apps for Facebook.


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