It’s that time of year again, where the sound of a bat cracking a ball and the smell of freshly cut grass permeates the air. It’s baseball season and that can mean only one thing, it’s time to crunch numbers in anticipation for your fantasy baseball draft. If you are looking to get an edge on your competition, then you are going to need help. When looking at the field of available apps, it’s hard to argue for anything but Rotowire Fantasy Baseball Draft Kit 2015 as the absolute best fantasy baseball app for iPad and iPhone. Read on for how I plan to dominate the draft and how you can too.

Best fantasy baseball app for iPhone


When it comes to drafting a championship fantasy baseball team, the focus should always be on numbers, but I’ve taken part in many drafts where that strategy can fall by the waist-side as I scramble to check off players drafted from a magazine that was probably written in November of the previous year. Like so many, I continue to feed into the fantasy tradition of print publications that I supplement with online research.

old school fantasy baseball magazine

This system is flawed and requires too much back and forth on draft day. If your draft has a clock, which most do, you need to make the most of the time allotted. Wouldn’t be ideal if you had the latest cheat sheets, updated information and the ability to track available players and other teams as you navigated your fantasy baseball draft? Gentlemen, meet Rotowire Fantasy Baseball Draft Kit for iPhone and iPad.

Rotowire baseball cheat sheet iPad

When you first launch the app, you’ll see it’s already set up with a cheat sheet and a default draft. You would be doing an injustice to the capabilities of this app if you simply used that information. The beauty of the Rotowire Fantasy Baseball Draft Kit is in how you can customize the app to your league. Set up takes about 30 minutes or so. The app allows for you to enter each team in your league and you can assign keepers if applicable. Before you draft, you’ll want to set roster limits and number of positions allowed by your league rules. You can also set the scoring style and categories. By investing some time in the initial set up, you enable Rotowire to make magic as you start your draft.

Draft settings

It would be incorrect of me to say that great drafts are void of any decisions that don’t involve stretching for a player based on a gut feeling or something you heard during your extensive offseason research. To help keep these players top of mind on draft day, you’ll be able to assign players to different tiers (1-8). You can also designate sleepers and busts. These are all color coded and appear within your continuously updated cheat sheets. You can quickly apply a tier to a player by tapping and holding on a player. This is particularly helpful. If two players are ranked consecutively, your previous research comes into play, making for an easier decision.

Player tiers, sleepers

Draft day. Armed with your iPhone or iPad, this application will query the Internet for the latest information. This is key as you’ll have up to date information on position battles and you’ll know if that rookie you coveted got sent down to Triple-A. As players are selected, you simply tap on the player, tap on Assign to Team and scroll to the team who made the selection. This will automatically update your cheat sheet and active rosters. While it is important to focus on your roster, knowing how your competitors are draft is incredibly helpful. As the draft snakes back around to your position, you can spot the needs of teams before it is your time to pick. If you think a run on third basemen will occur, you can prepare a secondary position in advance of your being on the clock.

Menu options

The main interface of Rotowire Fantasy Baseball Draft Kit has three major rows that help you crunch data.

  • Players: All, Available, Drafted, My Tiers, Sleepers, Busts
  • Position: Overall, C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, MI, CR, OF, DH, SP, RP
  • Rankings: (iPad only) Sortable columns based on your league setup. Most rotisserie leagues will use AVG, HR, RBI, SB, R, WHIP, SV, W, SO, ERA. You can tap on columns to sort.

Best Fantasy Baseball App for iPad and iPhone

Here’s how you can use this data. Let’s say that you are mid-draft and your team looks a little light on stolen bases. Your outfield is already drafted, but you’re missing a middle-infielder. You can tap on Available > MI and sort by SB. In a matter of seconds, you know exactly who you should draft based upon the numbers. The iPhone app features a slide out menu that offers a number of helpful features including:

  • Cheat Sheet
  • Depth Charts (based on actual MLB teams)
  • Roster Composition (see how teams are drafting positionally)
  • News: Continuously updated player news and fantasy analysis.
  • Mock Draft: The app will predict how teams will pick and assemble your team. A good pre-draft tool.
  • Prospects: A list of the top current prospects for fantasy 2015.
  • Closers: Lists the current closers for each team, their stability and health. It also lists the important next in line.

When you tap on a player, either using the example above or through the cheat sheet, the right hand column will provide the latest news and all stats for that player. Scrolling further down will provide the depth chart for that position. A tab on the bottom of the app also provides for a great way to check depth charts of major league teams. In our league, there are never any closers available when the draft concludes, so it is vitally important to have all of your closers. A quick tap on the Closers tab provides all team closers, as well as who is available. Those reaching for the next hot keeper might find the Prospects ranking helpful.

The days of paper, pen and magazines are over. We may still carry them to the draft with us as a safety blanket, but the tools needed to win championships are now available on your iPhone and iPad. If you take the time to setup your league,  but you’ll have a distinct edge over the competition, provided they haven’t read this article. Truth be told, I held out on publishing until my league drafted, so apologies for not getting this online prior to opening day. If you have yet to draft, I cannot stress how valuable this tool can be to your hoisting a championship trophy at the end of 2015. If you are looking for the best fantasy baseball app for iPad or iPad, look no further than Rotowire Fantasy Baseball Draft Kit.

Fantasy championship

At the conclusion of your draft, the app will provide you with standings based upon 2015 projections. If you’re looking for the best way to crunch numbers and draft a champion, look no further than Rotowire Fantasy Baseball Draft Kit 2015 ($7.99).

If your league is not using an online draft system, you may want to consider the Fantasy Draft Clock ($1.99/iPad). You can customize your league avoid league members from abusing the time system. It can be mirrored to an Apple TV, so that everyone can see the time available on the clock and who’s drafting next.

Fantasy Draft Clock

Original publish date: April 1, 2013. Updated March 28th, 2015.