The App Store is crowded. There are hundreds of apps for every purpose under the sun. Want to cut through the clutter? On a regular basis, we pick a category and answer the question “What app would you buy if you could only buy one?” Today, we give you our advice on the best camera app for iPhone.
iPhone camera app

Despite its relative old age, one app still stands ahead of the pack for all-purpose photography: Camera+.

Though there are better camera apps for one thing or another when it comes to iphoneography, Camera+ should be the first one on anyone’s list. It makes the built-in camera app look like child’s play, and it does so without getting confusing or over-complicated. If you’re comfortable getting around the default camera app, you’ll be able to point and shoot using Camera+ without any problems. But if you’re interested in going a little deeper, it’s also host to a huge list of really useful features.


The iPhone camera is fantastic, especially on later model devices. But Camera+ lets you pull a little more juice out of it. Want to make sure your hand is steady before you take your shot? There’s a stabilizer option that uses the accelerometer to sense the moment your hand is stillest before the shot fires. There’s also a timer for group photos. Then there’s Burst mode, which takes lower quality photos but can take them much faster than the default shooting mode.

Camera+ does something particularly cool to set itself apart from other camera apps: it can handle separate exposure and focus points. Normally you can tap your screen to make the camera focus any particular spot. But if that spot is too bright or too dark everything else may end up dark or washed out. In Camera+ you can tap with one finger to tell the camera where to focus, then another to tell it where to sample the light. If you take advantage of this feature you’ll end up with much better shots.

And those are just the features that help you take better photos. Camera+ also offers a ridiculous number of post-processing features. You can crop, rotate and flip your photos. You can adjust the lighting with a variety of pre-set scenes like sunset, shade, backlit and more. You can apply toy camera effects, color filters and other special effects like tilt-shift and emulated HDR. If you want to have a little more fun, the app also includes a huge selection of border styles with built-in slots and fonts for captions.


Once you’re done making your photo perfect, Camera+ can save it to your camera roll, email it or share it through Facebook, Twitter and Flickr. The sharing tools are surprisingly powerful, and let you share multiple photos on multiple accounts like it’s nothing.

So from a feature point of view, Camera+ leads the pack. There’s something else that puts it ahead of the rest, though: even after nearly two years on the market, it’s still rigorously cared for by the folks at tap tap tap. Huge updates are still released regularly, taking advantage of every new iOS feature and integrating with other apps for maximum convenience. Hard to say no to that kind of support.