Best Buy stock of Apple iPhone 3G S revealed

Member Amacfa has uploaded a spreadsheet to Google Docs listing all Best Buys by store number and the corresponding amounts of 16GB and 32GB units in black and white for each. In order to find the store number of your local Best Buy, you must use the Store Locator on Best Buy’s site – each listing in the search results includes the store’s number.

Best Buy Stores

Amacfa is careful to note that the number of phones to be held for customers who pre-ordered them is unknown, so potential buyers should be aware that the number of iPhone 3G S units listed in the spreadsheet may not all be available for sale to those who did not pre-order them.
Best Buy iPhone 3G S

According to the spreadsheet, a total of 17,580 iPhone 3G S units will be available at Best Buys across the country, with more than half of them as 16GB models in black and white. Just over 5,200 of the 17,580 are the models with 32GB of internal storage. While no additional information is available on the rationale behind this distribution, it stands to reason that the lower-priced 16GB model is expected to be more popular with buyers.<

Amacfa also notes that the date of the next iPhone 3G S shipment expected by Best Buy may be June 24.

The iPhone 3G S goes on sale tomorrow, June 19, at Apple, AT&T, and Best Buy stores in the U.S. Apple and AT&T stores will open early at 7:00 am for the event. Best Buy stores are expected to open at their regularly-scheduled times.

[via MacRumors]

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