Best Buy Offering iPhone 5c for $1, iPhone 5s for $99 With Contract, Trade-in

Best Buy today rolled out a new promotion offering a minimum $100 Best Buy gift card with the purchase of any new iPhone, including the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s. This offer requires the customer trade in a working smartphone and sign a new 2-year contract agreement. This confirms the rumor we heard on Friday from TechnoBuffalo. We’ve seen numerous price breaks on the iPhone 5c, with the lowest having been Walmart’s offer of $45 with a 2-year contract agreement. Today’s offer brings the price to $1 for the iPhone 5c. More importantly, it’s the first we’ve seen of any retailer offering the iPhone 5s at a discount. With trade-in, the 16GB iPhone 5s can be purchased for $99 on either Sprint, Verizon or AT&T.

Best Buy deal

The offer is valid in-store only and the $100 Gift Card must be used to offset the price of the new iPhone. With supplies of the iPhone 5s constrained, it remains difficult to find one to purchase. It’s unclear based on the terms and conditions if Best Buy will honor the offer for reservations. The promotion runs from today October 13th and ends on October 19th.

Phones must be in working order, with no screen or water damage. The 16GB  iPhone 5c typically sells for $99 on-contract, so the offer should technically work out to free. Check your local store for details.


  1. Chamak says

    I wish the 5c was offered for $1 without a trade in offer. I bet my iPhone 4S is more worth than 99$ and would like to keep it!!

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