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8 Great Chromecast Apps for iOS You Might Not Know About

Chromecast apps for iOS

Google's Chromecast has seen increased sales, both from Android and iOS users who found the diminutive streamer to be of incredible value. It retails for $35 and if you're lucky, you'll find it on sale for less than $25. To further bolster holiday sales, they are offering a $20 Google Play credit for Google TV and Movies. By plugging directly into a spare HDMI port on your TV, it's an incredibly easy way stream content. Instead of a traditional remote, Chromecast requires a tablet or smartphone. Casting is similar to AirPlay. You launch a compatible app (either on iOS or Android), tap the TV icon and you're streaming content from your smartphone to your TV. When it comes to content, there is an incredible amount of crossover when you look … [Read more...]

10 Awesome Apps With Notification Center Widgets for iOS 8

Big Event

One of the nifty features, is the ability to use custom widgets in iOS 8. We haven't yet reached the point where you can place widgets on your home screen. Honestly, I don't see that happening anytime soon on iOS. For now, widgets call the Today notification view, home. From anywhere on your iPhone or iPad, pulling down the notification tab will reveal your today information, followed by widgets you've added. By having these occupy your Today notification panel, it means quick access from the lock screen, which adds the utility of these apps. The functionality of the Today panel becomes infinitely more useful. That's a big thing, because for some folks, I'm sure the Today view had become an afterthought. We've put together a list of the … [Read more...]

Best Alternative Browser Apps for iPhone and iPad

Alternative browsers to Safari

Apple's iOS ships with Safari, which is an excellent browser that renders webpages fast and generally provides for a good web surfing experience. It's bolstered by tie-ins with Apple's iCloud, making it easy to sync bookmarks between your computer and iPhone or iPad. The core of any good app is reliability and Apple's Safari web browser has had bouts with instability since release of iOS 7. While recent updates have improved things and that's expected to continue with iOS 8, it has left some folks looking at their options. Here's a look at the best alternative browser apps for iPhone and iPad. … [Read more...]

How send flowers to that someone special with these iPhone apps

Order flowers iPhone apps

Just days away from Valentine's Day, it is time to think about gifts, cards, chocolate, dinner reservations and flowers. With Valentine's Day landing on a Friday this year, most of you are mired in the middle of the work week. Whether it's your best girl, guy or your Mom, your iPhone might be the most effective way to send flowers. Here are a few apps to help you order flowers using your iPhone. … [Read more...]

7 Classic Board Games for iPad

Classic board games for iPad

Growing up, board games were always a good way to have fun as a family. You'd reach up to the top shelf of a closet and pull down boxes of classic board games. With each successive game, it seems like some piece would go missing, sending family members into a frenzy trying to find the 'dog' in Monopoly before the game could start. While the lure of vintage gameplay sounds attractive, you can have the same if not more fun with those very same games, but on the iPad. No more looking for missing pieces or 'questionable' gameplay by those who have a creative interpretation of the rules. Here are some of the best classic board games for iPad. … [Read more...]

8 Classic Arcade Games from the 80s for iPhone

Classic Arcade games

Growing up in the 80s, I have fond memories of dimly lit arcades, incessantly feeding quarters with reckless abandon. When you took control of a machine, you would line up your quarters, letting others know you'd be there a while. I must have dropped hundreds of dollars over the course of a few years, all worth it. Nothing can bring back the excitement of first playing Space Invaders, my absolute first experience with an arcade game, but you can relive those moments on the iPhone. There are others, but these are the best 8 classic arcade games from the 80s for iPhone. … [Read more...]

iTunes Editors’ Choice Highlights Best Apps of 2013

Best Apps of 2013

Apple today announced their iTunes Best of 2013, a list that honors the best across all major categories of iTunes including music, movies and apps. These are the best of the best, at least according to Apple's iTunes editors. Check out the list of the Best Apps of 2013. You'll find some great apps that are worthy of your consideration, with a good number of them available as a free download from the App Store. … [Read more...]

Best Email Apps for iPhone

Best email apps for iPhone

One of the most frequently used applications on any iPhone is email. Whether you rely on email for business or personal, it's a vital application and one that you will likely interact with countless times throughout a typical day. With iOS 7, Apple's stock mail app underwent some major interface changes, but functionality has largely remained the same. Sure we swipe left, instead of right to delete mail, but there has been little in the way of innovative changes to make users more productive. After the iOS 7 calendar debacle, perhaps that's not such a bad idea. While Apple's stock mail app has remained somewhat stagnant from a features standpoint, there are a number of developers that are rethinking how we should manage our inbox. So while … [Read more...]

Best Gift List Apps For iPhone To Plan Your Holiday or Christmas Shopping

Best Gift List Apps for iPhone

The shopping season is upon us. Like most, you'll be scrambling to buy holiday gifts for family and friends. We've all been in that place, wandering the mall aimlessly, trying to to find that perfect gift. Indecision can lead to last minute, spontaneous gift purchases, often blowing a giant hole in what once was a holiday shopping budget. I've been there and vowed that this year would be different. Using my iPhone, the first step in my gift planning was to secure a great app. I've tried numerous apps and there were a few standouts. With a good gift plan in place, you'll be well on your way to finishing your shopping early, while coming in under budget and getting the best gifts. Here are our selections for the best gift list apps for … [Read more...]

Best Calendar Apps for iPhone

Best Calendar Apps iPhone iOS 7

To say that Apple's Calendar app in iOS 7 has faced a mix of reactions would be putting it mildly. I've had friends who are desperately looking to switch back to iOS 6, all due to an intense hatred of what Apple's done to the calendaring app, which many people rely on to manage their busy lives. Chief among the complaints has been the removal of list view. In iOS 7, you can see your list view by tapping on the search icon, but you cannot add events. It's a quirky fix, if that. From missing features to continued complaints of excessive white space and thin fonts that impact readability, it's left many seeking alternative calendar apps in iOS 7. Thankfully, the App Store is brimming with some great options, some which are free. Here are the … [Read more...]