The most popular resolution each New Year is to lose weight or get in shape. The App Store is filled with apps for weight loss, fitness and nutrition tracking. So which are among the best? Which will help you achieve your goals this year and beyond? Read on for the best apps to lose weight on the iPhone. We’ve also included some high tech iPhone accessories that are worthy of consideration as you begin your weight loss journey.

Best weight loss apps on iphone

MyFitnessPal – Free
Marketed as the fastest and easiest to use calorie counter, MyFitnessPal boasts a food database of over 2 million foods. You can keep a daily diary of calories that provides for an easy to view daily and weekly summary. The social aspect of this app allows you to add friends, so groups can use MyFitnessPal to support each other.

MyFitness Pal

Beyond the large database of foods, this app provides a wealth of helpful features including the ability to track nutritional contents, scan barcodes to find foods you’ve eaten and a handy recipe calculator. More than just a nutritional guide and tracker, MyFitnessPal provides over 350 exercises, weight tracking and goal setting. All of your entries are synced to, so you access your account from any computer.

C25K – Free
Running is often the best solution to losing weight, but it can also be incredibly boring for some. C25K, which is short for Couch To 5K, is a personal trainer in your pocket. The app asks that you devote 30 minutes a day, 3 days a week for a total of 8 weeks. If you make the committment, C25K will help you hit the mark of running 5K. If in 8 weeks you moved from the couch to running 3 times a week and hitting the mark of 5K, that is not only a fabulous accomplishment, but it should also result in weight loss.

C25K Couch to 5K

C25K provides audio alerts throughout your workout. Listen to your favorite music to get you pumped up and C25K’s personal trainer will gently pop in to coach you on whether to run or walk.

LoseIt – Free
This app helps guide to creating a plan for weight loss based upon goals you set within the app. You provide LoseIt with your weight, goals for weight loss and . The app will then provide recommendations for calorie intake. LoseIt provides you with information on popular brands and foods. This is quite helpful, because it provides for improved accuracy and makes the app easier to use.


If you take on any activity like running, LoseIt will adjust your calorie intake, allowing for the activity. Eating the right foods can be hard and there might be times during your diet where you miss the mark. Now you can put in extra time on the treadmill or elliptical machine to help meet your goals.

P90X – $0.99
The P90X program is popular for a reason. If you follow this for 90 days, it will completely transform your level of fitness. Having completed 57 days, then falling short, my goals for 2013 is to start and finish P90X. Those joining me on the P90X journey will want to pick up the companion app to the DVD’s.


The P90X provides for a scheduling app, helping you know what you can expect on a specific day. Now you’ll know that tomorrow you’ll be put through the excruciating Yoga X workout. If you follow the nutrition plan, which is highly recommended by BeachBody, you can track your proteins, fats, vegetables and fruits.

This app requires that you already have the P90X DVD’s or you’re comfortable with purchasing the in-app workouts. When you are ready to Bring It, bring the P90X app with you.

WeightBot – $1.99
While other apps include weight tracking as an add-on feature, none does it with such beauty and impressive design. The weight-tracking robot allows for goal setting, beautiful graphs tracking your loss (or gain for those looking to add muscle) and your BMI. Input your weight once a day and track your progress on the easy to read graph.


Weight Watchers – Free
The popular weight loss program has a wonderful companion app that can be used by members and non-members. The Weight Watchers system is based upon points. The foods you select affect your total points for a day, week and so on. The PointsPlus Tracker allows you to enter Fat, Carbs, Fiber, Protein to find a points value. The WeightWatchers app also includes a library of featured recipes and inspiring success stories as you make your journey to a healthier lifestyle.

The feature-rich app doesn’t end there. A built-in cheat sheet allows for food items that fall outside of the typical diet foods. So when you have that occassional weakness for pizza, the Weight Watchers app allows you to add the associated points.

This program is also tied into an online community, so you can share your achievements or lean on others when you need that extra motivation.

iPhone Accessories For Weight Loss

WiFi Scales
If you are looking for technology to make life easier, than the added expenditure for a WiFi scale won’t phase you. Two of the more popular scales are the Fitbit Aria Wi-fi Smart Scale ($130) and the Withings WiFi Body Scale ($160). Both will auto-sync your weight with a variety of apps and online services. Now there are no excuses for forgetting to track your weight, as either WiFi scale will track it. If you are dieting or tracking weight as a family, they support up to 8 users. The associated iPhone apps are free. For those willing to put themselves out there, you can share your weight across social network.

Withings vs Aria scales

Fitbit One
You don’t need to be at the gym to burn calories. The Fitbit One is a wireless activity tracker. Now every step you take is tracked and uploaded to your account at FitBit. You’ll find calories burned, stairs climbed and other regular day activities that will contribute to your weight loss. You can also use the free FitBit One app, which will sync automatically with your Fitbit.

Fitbit One

Nike+ FuelBand
Priced at $50 more than the FitBit, the Nike+ FuelBand is a similar product tracking your everyday activity. The free Nike+ FuelBand app is beautiful and with over 3500 user reviews, it has a 5-star rating. That’s lofty praise not only for the app, but for the FuelBand itself.

Nike+ FuelBand

If you are starting a weight loss program or have plans to in the coming days or weeks, I wish you the best of luck in attaining your personal goals. The aforementioned iPhone apps and accessories can help you pursue, track and attain your goals. Have an app or accessory that you’ve found particularly useful, please let us know. If you do find these tools helpful, stop back and check in to let us know how you’ve achieved success meeting your personal weight loss goals.