There are been a few reports (via MacRumors) from users who claim that the iPhone 6 Plus bent as a result of carrying their phones in their front pockets. While the world spent last week determining whether the device would fit into ‘skinny jeans’, the concern now shifts to whether that could damage your iPhone. One instance has the user pocketing his iPhone 6 Plus for roughly 18 hours, mixed in with dinner and dancing at a wedding. Noting a slightly distorted image, upon further inspection, it was determined that the device had suffered damage.

Bent iPhone 6 Plus

Right now, the number of reports are small, so it’s hard to say if these are valid concerns. Just how much stress can aluminum frame of the iPhone 6 Plus take? As other iPhone 6 owners will attest, the move to bigger displays increases the fear of dropping and ultimately damaging the screen. Where possible, the pocket has in recent history been known as a safe haven for phones, as long as you’re not carrying loose change. If you damage the screen on either of the new iPhones, it’s $129 to replace it. Those which suffer the more extreme damage of bending could be a much more expensive repair.

Bendgate iPhone 6 Plus

The move to thinner, lighter and bigger devices have got us to this point. Until we get some clarity on just how resistant the new iPhones are to bending, you’re better served by not pocketing it. It’s your call. Either way, grab yourself a cheap case. That might provide a bit more rigidity to device and depending on what case you select, it can certainly help prevent screen damage.

This video shot by Unbox Therapy shows just what happens when you apply a fair amount of force; it bends. This doesn’t seem surprising, nor concerning as it appears to be well beyond what’s expected from a phone. That being said, doesn’t this phone look bent before the test.

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 5.31.42 PM

So forget about whether your iPhone fits your skinny jeans. No phone should ever be placed in your back pocket, ever. As for the front pocket, we may need to reassess whether that’s a good idea or not. As for me, it’s going to be a heavy duty case and a no-pocket policy.

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