AT&T Relents On FaceTime Restrictions

Remember how AT&T decided that, in order to use FaceTime over LTE, you needed a shared data plan? That decision from August generated a quick backlash, and even legal actions. Now it looks like AT&T has conceded, and will allow all customers to use FaceTime over data, as long as they have a tiered LTE plan they have. … [Read more...]

The First Official Lightning Accessories Come From Belkin


We've touched on all manner of knockoffs and third party attempts to replicate the Lightning cable and accessories here, but now we're finally starting to see the official versions of all of these devices. That's right, the first round of Apple sanctioned, third party, Lightning accessories have been announced — and they're from Belkin. … [Read more...]

iPad mini Reviews Head Out

iPad_mini_inHand_Wht_iOS6_PRINT 2

The embargo on iPad mini reviews lifted last night, and so this morning we awoke to all the big publications having their reviews out — while the rest of us still wait for delivery this Friday. The general consensus? It's small, nicer to hold, and generally excellent, but the screen is lacking, and it's pricey. … [Read more...]

Apple Reluctantly Posts Samsung UK Notice

Screen Shot 2012-10-26 at 7.03.13 AM

Back in July, a judge ordered Apple UK to put up a notice on their site, admitting Samsung didn't copy from them. Apple appealed, it didn't work, so now we get this masterpiece of a non-apology. Accessible by a tiny link at the bottom of Apple UK's front page, the copy is the most wonderful piece of passive aggressive writing since your grandmother last sent you an email. … [Read more...]