What Features Of iOS 6 Won’t Work On Your Device?

It's always been the way with iOS, older versions of the iPhone or iPad miss out on the hottest new features. The iPhone 3GS missed out on a lot of iOS 5, and now with iOS 6 around the corner, we want to know what the iPhone 4 isn't going to be able to use. Way down the bottom of Apple's iOS 6 page is the fine print that shows just which killer features will and won't work with various models. … [Read more...]

Why Apple Needs A Prepaid iPhone

Prepaid iPhone

Earlier this week, the blogs were afire with a rumor that Apple would be producing two iPhones in 2011 — a full featured "iPhone 5" and a toned-down "iPhone 4S" available at a cut-price and on a prepay contract. While people are divided as to if this will actually happen (my money's on no), it does raise a very interesting point: Apple needs a prepaid iPhone. … [Read more...]

Why Does Apple Censor The App Store?


Apple will censor the bejeezus out of everything in the app store. Sometimes, this is seen as okay (racism, hate speech, etc), and sometimes it really isn't (classic literature, modern literature, political discontent), but what it boils down to is that this is Apple's ecosystem, and as much as you may or may not like it, they have complete control over the situation. Then why is it that content that would never pass muster in the App Store is freely available for download in other parts of iTunes? Warning, racy language ahead... … [Read more...]

Will Widgets Come To iOS 5?


Widgets have been one of the major features requested and rumored for iOS since the early days of the platform. Ever since Apple started letting developers create apps for iOS, we've been wandering if they would ever implement a widget system, allowing tiny applications for common tasks without having to boot up a whole new instance. Apple bakes this into OS X with Dashboard, so why not iOS? In fact, the lack of certain basic apps on the iPad prompted some to claim that widgets were just around the corner. Hopes were high that iOS 5 would finally bring this functionality to the iPhone and iPad, and when Apple announced the new OS, widgets were there — sort of. With iOS 5 in its current form, when you pull down to get to the … [Read more...]

Who really got sherlocked by Apple with iOS 5?


Yesterday, many of iOS developers left the WWDC keynote with their heads hanging due to Apple replicating their apps functionality in iOS. As wounded as they are, I have a gut feeling that they're incidental casualties in a much bigger battle. In the Apple developer word, there's the term "Sherlocked" — it's when you create an app, and the Apple rocks up and provides the same functionality baked in essentially destroying your version. It's named after an event that happened with Mac OS 10.2, which shipped with Sherlock 3, killing off Karelia Watson, amidst claims that Apple copied the indie developer's application. Yesterday's WWDC announcement of iOS 5 saw a mammoth rash of Sherlocking. Marco Arment from Instapaper tweeted a single … [Read more...]

iPhone 4 Review


Unlike those lucky ones who got their iPhones delivered early, we braved early mornings and long lines to bring you our own, personal, Everything iCafe review of the iPhone 4. What do we think of this symphony of glass and aluminium? Does it live up to they hype? Read on for our comprehensive iPhone 4 review. … [Read more...]

Is The iPhone 4 Proximity Sensor Causing Trouble?

Screen shot 2010-06-25 at 7.32.23 AM

Two threads have popped up in our forums, with people noting that the iPhone 4 proximity sensor turns on the screen too easily, which means buttons are pressed with your face, and accidental hangups. Here are what a few people are saying: Eninety2: They moved it from the 3GS and it's not acting right. It's sensing my ear and mashing the dial pad while in a conversation. You really have to press it against your ear. neo: I have hung up on people 3 times already while holding the phone to my ear with my shoulder (hands full). hitnrun: Has anyone noticed that the sensor that tells the phone when your holding it up to your ear is extremely sensitive? I mean, NEVER before have I cheek dialed, hit the mute with my ear lobe, or hung up on … [Read more...]

iPhone Users Experience Late Night Data Usage

Late night data usage AT&T iPhone

There's an interesting thread going on at the Apple Support Forums from a number of users who are finding that their iPhones seem to be transmitting data in the wee hours of the morning. Somewhere between 1 AM and 4 AM users are reporting late night data usage from a couple of kilobytes to 75MB  and no-one really knows why. It's far too large to be from visual voicemail, push notifications, or crash reports, and it seems to be hitting people consistently. Without official word from AT&T or Apple, it's not known what's causing this data drain. One possible explanation is that AT&T is consolidating a big chunk of the day's traffic, and only processing it in the early morning. What's incredibly odd, is that a number of affected … [Read more...]