Apple Watch Guided Tour Videos Now Available

Apple Watch Guided Tours

In advance of Friday's pre-order date, Apple has posted a series of videos that showcase the functionality of the Apple Watch. If you're planning on picking up the watch or on the fence, these videos should provide you with a better understanding of how you'll interact with it, the functionality and how it works. You can find the Apple Watch Guided Tour videos on their website. … [Read more...]

Apple Watch Pre-Order Details

Apple Watch water resistant

Starting at 12:00 AM PST (that's 3:00 AM EST), you'll be able to pre-order the Apple Watch. Are you planning on ordering or will you be taking our advice and skipping the pre-order frenzy. Typical Apple Store pre-order rules apply. It's a good idea to have your account in good standing with a valid credit card. If you're spending big, you might want to give advance notice to your credit card company. Nobody likes waking up at 3 a.m and that can easily be made worse if your card gets declined. In years past, people have had luck using the Apple Store app, so have that on the ready. Which Apple Watch are you buying, if any? … [Read more...]

How to add extensions to iPhone contact numbers

phone number with extensions

If you are frequently calling a contact that requires an extension, the process of entering the extra digits can be time consuming. If you are in the car, for safety reasons you should not be accessing phone, so it makes it difficult to call those contacts who are not direct numbers. Whether it’s your wife, husband or you want to simplify those dreaded calls to your cable company, the iPhone makes it easy. Read on for our guide on how to add extensions to iPhone contact numbers. … [Read more...]

2015 Best Fantasy Baseball App for iPad and iPhone

Best fantasy baseball app for iPhone

It’s that time of year again, where the sound of a bat cracking a ball and the smell of freshly cut grass permeates the air. It’s baseball season and that can mean only one thing, it’s time to crunch numbers in anticipation for your fantasy baseball draft. If you are looking to get an edge on your competition, then you are going to need help. When looking at the field of available apps, it’s hard to argue for anything but Rotowire Fantasy Baseball Draft Kit 2015 as the absolute best fantasy baseball app for iPad and iPhone. Read on for how I plan to dominate the draft and how you can too.   When it comes to drafting a championship fantasy baseball team, the focus should always be on numbers, but I’ve taken part in many drafts … [Read more...]

How to delete photos from iPhone and reclaim valuable storage

delete photos from iPhone

The iPhone is an incredibly easy device to use, making you want to download apps, movies, books and of course use the camera to take beautiful pictures and videos. Over time, managing storage on your iPhone becomes more important as you start to bump up against storage capacities of your device. It’s one of the main reasons that folks opt for a 64GB or even 128GB iPhone. But with iPhones available from Apple to start with only 16GB of storage, some of which is deducted for the operating system, it's easy to find yourself in a position where you've maxed out your storage and unable to take a video or shoot a photo. I was able to drastically increase my storage capacity and so can you without deleting all of your iPhone photos. Here’s how to … [Read more...]

How the Apple Watch will radically change smart homes


It's hard not to be excited about the Apple Watch. It's capabilities go well beyond tracking steps, telling time and the occasional informational glance. When you pack so much technology into a small watch case, it's reasonable that battery life won't be more than a typical day. Much of the focus on the functionality of the Apple Watch has been push information, subtle interactions and the occasional call. Features that won't require a significant amount of battery. It's certainly going to bring a significant amount of change to how communicate and more importantly, the role our phones will play once we transition to a wrist-first society. If there is one area that's ripe for innovation, it's the control of home automation products. Apple … [Read more...]

5 Ways To Use Playlists That Will Rock Your iPhone

Playlists on iPhone rock

Back in the days when we all rocked iPods, its singular use as a music player allowed for users to focus on getting the most from their portable music player. Now that the iPhone has effectively replaced the iPod, managing music can often take a backseat to the infinite functionality of our phones. Music still has tremendous meaning, but it's easy to find yourself content with loading up music without any filters or extensive thought. That can have several unintended consequences. It can chew up valuable storage space and make it infinitely more difficult to get the absolute best listening experience from your music collection. We've compiled five super-smart playlist tips that will rock your iPhone, like a hurricane! … [Read more...]

Details Of Upcoming Next Generation Apple TV Revealed

Apple TV

The next generation Apple TV will get a massive overhaul this summer. According to John Paczkowski, now writing for Buzzfeed News, sources indicate that Apple will utilize their yearly world wide developer conference to introduce the new streaming media player. This comes on the heels of news that Apple was working to finalize a new web-based subscription television service later this year. … [Read more...]

Why you shouldn’t pre-order the Apple Watch

Apple Watch black buckle

As with past products, Apple is once again offering a pre-order window for the Apple Watch. Starting sometime in the wee hours of April 10th, we'll witness the symbolic closing of the Apple Store, only to open a few hours later filled with new products for sale. When it comes to iPhones, pre-orders are a fantastic way to get your ideal iPhone. Just enter your cellphone number, check your eligibility and you're set. That's assuming that in the previous years time, you've settled on a color and storage size. Though with the iPhone 6, there was no good decision but to upgrade to the 64GB model. Yes, I'm still bitter about Apple's insistence on shipping 16GB models in the year 2015. The only real major sticking point when choosing an a new … [Read more...]

How to attach files, photos to email on iPhone or iPad

attach photos iphone

Take a great photo on your iPhone and it’s natural to want to share it with friends and family. We’ve covered sharing photos from the Photos app, but you can also share photos directly from within your Mail application. As more and more are using their iOS devices for productivity and work, attaching files like Word documents or PDFs becomes a necessity. Here’s how you can attach files and photos on iPhone or iPad, directly from the Mail app. … [Read more...]