Apple TV: The Ultimate Guide

Apple TV Guide

The Apple TV is a fantastic media streaming box with a continuously updated library of new movies, channels and more importantly, your content. One thing it doesn't provide is an extensive manual, so we're hoping to fill in the blanks. Presented here is an easy to use guide to Apple TV. Whether you are looking to learn about every feature or need an answer to a specific question, you can find it quickly using our table of contents. So whether you're new to Apple TV or looking to find the answer to a specific question, the ultimate Apple TV guide has got you covered. How to setup your Apple TV automatically using an iPhone or iPad 7 Awesome Apple TV Remote Tips When and how to replace the battery in your remote How to use … [Read more...]

Apple Releases iOS 8.2 Beta 2 To Developers

Apple today has pushed an over-the-air update to iOS 8.2. Beta 2 of the release has started to propagate to developers running iOS 8.2. The release is now available on Apple's Developer portal. The update is 67.3MB in total. Apple lists the release as containing bug fixes and improvements. The big news with iOS 8.2 is the introduction of support for the forthcoming Apple Watch. Developers have been given access to WatchKit, which allows for testing of Watch apps. The Apple Watch is expected in early 2015, though Apple has yet to provide any details as to a specific release date. You can discuss the latest iOS releases, including today's beta, in our forums. … [Read more...]

8 Great Chromecast Apps for iOS You Might Not Know About

Chromecast apps for iOS

Google's Chromecast has seen increased sales, both from Android and iOS users who found the diminutive streamer to be of incredible value. It retails for $35 and if you're lucky, you'll find it on sale for less than $25. To further bolster holiday sales, they are offering a $20 Google Play credit for Google TV and Movies. By plugging directly into a spare HDMI port on your TV, it's an incredibly easy way stream content. Instead of a traditional remote, Chromecast requires a tablet or smartphone. Casting is similar to AirPlay. You launch a compatible app (either on iOS or Android), tap the TV icon and you're streaming content from your smartphone to your TV. When it comes to content, there is an incredible amount of crossover when you look … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Guide to Apple Pay

Apple Pay Guide

One of the major new features introduced with the iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2 is Apple Pay, an easy and secure way to pay for goods and services both at physical locations and online. The concept of using your iPhone for payment isn't anything new. Take a trip to any local Starbucks and you're guaranteed to see people whipping out their phones to pay for their grande peppermint mochas. Starbucks and a handful of retailers embraced Passbook, but it the process remains convoluted at best. Individual retailers needed separate accounts setup and in the case of Starbucks, you have to fund your account in order to make payments. Apple Pay changes all of that. It's a modern spin on an old payment system. Easy. Secure. There's a reason why it's a big … [Read more...]

Zagg InvisibleShield Glass for iPhone 6 Review

Zagg Glass Review

Since the existence of smartphones, screen protectors have been a necessary evil to protect displays from unwanted scratches. Often made of plastic, these still remain highly effective for the intended task. Over the years, manufacturers have expanded their offerings with different styles. You can purchase versions that offer a matte finish and in some cases, there are different price points for higher quality options. These are still available and prices have come down incredibly low, with a 3-pack often costing less than $10. In my experience, the Corning Gorilla Glass on the iPhone has seen vast improvements. Scratch protection is a smaller battle when looking to keep your iPhone in pristine condition. Of greater concern is protecting … [Read more...]

How to send an iTunes Gift

How to send iTunes gift

Tis' the season of gift giving and finding the right gift for that special someone isn't always easy. We all have that person on our Christmas list that "has everything", making it exceedingly difficult to find the perfect gift. If you have that kind of person on your list, a great option is a gift to the iTunes Store. If they own an iPhone, iPad or Apple TV, they can use it to purchase movies, TV shows, music, books and apps for iOS and Mac. The App Store is a subset of iTunes, so your gift can be used on apps, books or media. If you want to personalize your gift, you can go so far as to send a specific app or album. Sending your favorite app or album is a great way to share your something great with others. There are many options to give … [Read more...]

Our Top 5 Black Friday iOS App Deals

Black Friday app deals

If you've recovered from your tryptophan induced turkey coma and looking to score some great Black Friday deals, you can do so right from your iPhone. Sure the focus each year is on doorbuster TVs, but with each year, consumers are often finding better deals before and after Black Friday. A sale isn't a great sale unless it's a great product. With that in mind, we've combed the App Store, selecting the absolute best iOS app deals for iPhone and iPad. There are plenty of apps on sale and plenty more to come with Cyber Monday. We've boiled down the list to those worthy of your consideration. Most of these apps have found their way to our Best Apps section or more recently, in our Apps of the Week features, where we highlight the best and … [Read more...]

Apple iPhone 6 Leather Case Review

Brown leather cam

With any new iPhone, especially one that introduces a new form factor, there is a race to deliver new cases. The iPhone 6 is an absolutely stunning piece of aluminum and glass, but it's not impervious to scratches. As the manufacturer, Apple of course has advanced access and can spend time 'perfecting' their accessories. When it comes to cases designed by Apple, there are two distinctly different options – leather or silicone. Both command a slightly higher premium compared to third-party accessory manufacturers. I've spent time evaluating the Apple iPhone 6 Leather case. Does it hold up to the demands of every day use? Is it the perfect accompaniment to the iPhone 6? … [Read more...]

Apps of the Week, Crossy Road, Stringer and more

Apps of the week

It's been a busy week or so here at everythingiCafe, with our site moving to a new server. We missed last week's Apps of the Week, but we're not leaving those apps or you stranded. We're doubling down, offering you a look at the absolute best apps from the past two weeks. This week, we find fresh outlooks on crossing roads and shuffling our music, get ready to defend our towers and dispense with words in favor of our favorite animated gifs. This is the everythingiCafe Apps for the Week for November 24th. … [Read more...]