Apple Music will not be available on Sonos at launch

Sonos Apple Music

Apple Music was introduced today with the service scheduled to start on June 30th. Pricing starts at $9.99 for an individual and $14.99 for families or up to six users. Apple will also be offering a 3-month trial. The service brings much of what people loved about Beats Music, specifically curated playlists. Apple has announced that an Android app will be available this fall. Apple has yet to commit to supporting Sonos. For their part, Sonos would like to support Apple Music, but have confirmed that it won't be supported when Apple Music launches later this fall. Sonos support provided this official statement. Although it will not be available at launch, we'd love to bring the service to Sonos as soon as Apple is ready. For their … [Read more...]

12 Ways To Use Force Touch on your Apple Watch

Apple Watch face

One of the more unique features on the Apple Watch is Force Touch, thanks to the display which can sense a long, hard press. It might show up in the iPhone 6s, provided support gets introduced in iOS 9. That would certainly make sense, since it's also available on some of the newer MacBooks. Force Touch allows you to unearth hidden menu options. In some ways, these have an Easter Egg feel to them. But these are far more than just a neat trick. Often, you'll find that Force Touch options make it easier to do things. There are no visible interface tips to advise that Force Touch is an option, so we've compiled a list of the 12 ways you can use Force Touch on Apple Watch. The force is strong... … [Read more...]

iOS Bug Causes Messages To Crash, How To Fix It

A bug in iOS allows for the Messages app to crash when an iPhone receives a specific text string. We've seen a similar issue in older iOS builds. This latest issue has been percolating in our forums and is becoming relatively widespread. Using a serious of symbols and Arabic characters sent via iMessage or SMS, the recepient's Messages app to crash and result in a reboot of the iPhone. After the reboot, the Messages app will continue to crash if it is in list view. The temporary fix requires you send a message to yourself using Siri. Something along the lines of, "Siri, send a message to myself." You'll be prompted to confirm your phone number and dictate a message. The content doesn't matter. If you know the person who sent the … [Read more...]

10 changes I’d make to improve Watch OS and Apple Watch

Apple Watch

I've been wearing the Apple Watch for over a month now. It's been a mixed bag. At times, it's magical, while others are can be an exercise in frustration. Welcome to a 1.0 product. When you look at the sheer number of features offered, it's actually quite astounding for a first generation product. From a development perspective, this was quite the undertaking from both a hardware and software perspective. As you can see from the Apple Store shipping times, they are still struggling to meet current demand and these aren't even available in the store. If you were lucky enough to be among those who ordered and received your watch, I'm sure you've gazed longingly at the beauty of the hardware. It is simply stunning. On the software side of … [Read more...]

Apple Watch Users Complaining of Inconsistent Heart Rate Updates After Software Update

Apple Watch heart rate

Yesterday saw the release of Watch OS 1.0.1, the first major software update to the Apple Watch. The changelog included significant performance enhancements, specific to Siri, measuring Stand activity, third party apps and more. Nothing in the changelog describes anything specific to the heart rate monitor. There have been numerous reports on social media and various forums including our Apple Watch forums regarding issues specific to inconsistent updates to the heart rate readings on the Apple Watch. Update: The issue is also being discussed on Apple's forums. … [Read more...]

Apple Watch OS 1.0.1 Update Released, Fixes Galore

Watch OS update

Apple has released Watch OS 1.0.1, the first update to the software that powers the Apple Watch. The update clocks in at 51.6MB and is described as including performance enhancements and bug fixes. The official changelog notes the following improvements: Improved performance for: Siri Measuring Stand activity Calculating calories for indoor cycling and rowing workouts Accessibility Third party apps Display support for new Emoji characters The update also includes assorted language support. To install the update, your Apple Watch needs to be charged at least 50 percent, connected to its charger and in range of your iPhone. On the Apple Watch companion app, navigate to My Watch > Software Update > Download … [Read more...]

Why I returned my 38mm Apple Watch

improve Apple Watch

Late last week, I made the trip to my local FedEx drop-off, where I reluctantly handed them a box containing my launch day 38mm stainless steel Apple Watch. I initiated the return process a few weeks back, when I was within what I had thought was the 14-day return period. The Apple Store website makes it easy to setup a return, offering options to drop off at a local Apple Store or ship via Fedex, at no charge. To my surprise, the return period was a lengthy 30 days. During that timeframe, it's mostly been gracing my monitor stand, replaced by a younger (by two weeks) Apple Watch Sport. The 30-day return window provided me with the opportunity to have an extended look at the stainless steel beauty. In the end, I didn't have returner's … [Read more...]

Apple Watch, theft and common sense


Over the last few days, there's been a bit of kerfuffle regarding the Apple Watch and its lack of anti-theft features, many of which are available on the iPhone. It seems to have come as a bit of a surprise that Watch OS 1.0 doesn't bake in some of the nifty security features offered by the iPhone. There is no "Find My Watch" given its reliance on the partnering iPhone. I'm not alone in hoping that future versions offer more in the way of becoming truly independent devices, reducing their reliance on an iPhone. But here we are at the first generation Apple Watch and concerns that its lack of security features are troubling. … [Read more...]

Apple Watch Review: The one worth watching

Apple Watch

Not since the first iPhone has Apple released such an ambitious product. Back then, it was a different company, one whose name still included Computer. This is a different Apple and a different time. Smartphones are no longer a niche product and estimates have Apple iPhone users in the U.S. eclipsing 65 million. One could say that the Apple Watch is the first truly new platform since iPhone. That's if you'd accept the argument that the iPad, while offering unique software experiences, was largely a versioning of the iPhone. The lines between those two product lines continue to blur with the iPad mini and iPhone 6 Plus, both from design and software. But enough about phones and tablets, it's 2015, marking the debut of Apple Watch. For the … [Read more...]

Reports of Apple Watch not charging, overheating

apple watch charge

There have been a number of reports on Apple's forums with people having problems with charging their Apple Watch. The issue was first brought to our attention from developer Eduardo Scoz. According to Scoz, the watch refuses to charge. Despite battery levels reaching past 50 percent, the watch will turn off when leaving the charger. His issues were followed by the watch continously trying to reboot. … [Read more...]