Plex for iOS Adds Support for Chromecast, Music Shuffle and Camera Upload

Plex Chromecast

The developers of Plex, our favorite media manager and playback software, have announced a significant update to their iOS app. Version 3.4 of Plex for iOS, available now in the App Store, now includes Chromecast support, at no additional charge. This extends the usefulness of Google's inexpensive media streamer, allowing users to stream photos, music and videos to their Chromecast. The new version also supports content mirroring, so you can display the media details. Plex libraries do a fantastic job of pulling all the metadata from online sources including movie poster art, snippets detailing the overall plot along with actors and directors. For more on this, be sure to check out our guide on creating the ultimate Mac mini HTPC, … [Read more...]

iTunes Radio Might Become Standalone App in iOS 8

iTunes Radio

Apple is reportedly looking into a dedicated, standlone iTunes Radio app, in an effort to increase awareness and usage of the fledgling streaming radio service aimed at Pandora and others. Introduced as part of iOS 7, iTunes Radio is somewhat hidden within the stock Music app, despite occupying one of the first tab. Sources have told 9tot5Mac's Mark Gurman that a dedicated iTunes Radio app is being tested in iOS 8. Apple has a vested interest in growing an audience for iTunes Radio, as it would result in greater ad revenue. iTunes Radio is ad-supported, provided users don't subscribed to iTunes Match. … [Read more...]

Alarm Clock Lets You Wake Up To The Sounds and Smell of Bacon

Bacon app

Outside of the smell of fresh brewed coffee in the morning, the sounds and smell of sizzling bacon is a great way to start off any morning. The team at Oscar Mayer, purveyors of pork products, have designed a unique alarm clock app that can fill every morning with the sounds of bacon. Wake Up & Smell the Bacon might very well be the first alarm clock to enduce a mouth watering wakeup. And for a lucky few, the app can be combined with a scent device. Yes, you heard that correctly! A device that attaches to your iPhone, acting as a bacon scented air freshener triggered by an alarm. … [Read more...]

Microsoft Plans To Expand Xbox Live On iOS


Microsoft's Xbox Live plays a key role across the various Windows platforms for gamers, tracking acheivements, friends and more. Games that offer Xbox Live are prominently featured on the Windows Phone platform. Though some iOS games have offered Xbox Live achievements, Microsoft hasn't done much to push their it beyond Windows. According to The Verge, Microsoft is looking to expand Xbox Live on both iOS and Android platforms. Details of the plans were also leaked in a job posting, which has since been removed. … [Read more...]

FCC Speed Test App for iPhone Measures Mobile Broadband Performance

FCC Speed Test

The FCC today announced the release of a new FCC Speed Test app for iPhone to help consumers, industries and the Commission access to mobile broadband data performance in the U.S. An Android version was released in November, 2013. The two apps were created as part of the Measuring Broadband America program, which was created to improve the availability of information for consumers about their broadband service. … [Read more...]