Kindle Unlimited launches, offers unlimited reading for $9.99 a month

Kindle Unlimited

Amazon today officially introduced their 'Netflix for books'. Kindle Unlimited is a new service that lets users access over 600,000 Kindle books or listen to any one of the thousands of Audible audiobooks available on Amazon. The price for the buffet of books is $9.99 per month and it works on Kindle devices and Kindle reading apps on iOS and Android. The service kicks off today, with a free 30-day trial. … [Read more...]

Facebook Mentions App Released, Only Available To Verified Public Figures

Facebook Mentions

Facebook has released yet another new app, but this one isn't for the masses. Facebook Mentions is an app specifically designed for actors, athletes, musicians and other influencers to discover and join conversations on Facebook. The app requires that you are a verified public figure using Pages. Those celebrities, politicians, sports figures and such will need to reach out Facebook for access. It's unclear as to what they consider to be necessary requirements for Mentions. In the sample screenshots, Mariah Carey is used, so the bar seems like it might be pretty high. … [Read more...]

Google Analytics app now available for iPhone

Google Analytics iPhone

Google Analytics for iOS is now available in the App Store, allowing website owners to access and track web traffic on their iPhone using the official app. Analytics was an odd bird, being one of the few Google apps that was available for Android, but not for iOS. For website owners, Analytics is the primary method of keeping track of website traffic. The void had been filled by third-party developers who with user authorization, could provide the same data. Other options for websites was to use Safari or a web browser of their choosing. Google Analytics offers much of what users enjoy when using a web browser. There is an abundance of data, all accessible from your iOS device. You can access real-time data to see how many users are … [Read more...]

Ingress Is Wild Augmented Reality Game From Google


You wouldn't typically associate games with Google, but that's exactly what we got this morning in the App Store. Ingress is a new augmented reality game from the search behemoth, that transforms your real world into a global game of mystery, intrigue and competition. You are tasked with saving the world and you'll need to form alliances from throughout the world to help make that happen, with the game centering on controlling an unknown force or risk being controlled. Will you join the elightented or the resistance? You make your way through the real world, using your iPhone as a lens. Ingress lets you discover and tap sources of mysterious energy. You can aquire objects to help, capture territory and ally with one of two sides. The … [Read more...]

Apps of the Week, Phramed, The Bump, Sonic Jump Fever and more!

Apps of the week

The fireworks are over, but the summer continues to heat up and we're highlighting some apps that sizzle. This week, we relax with origami, search for Fisherman Bob's fingers, find numerous reasons to jump in tanks and find room for yet another new messaging app. It's time for the everythingiCafe Apps of the Week for July 12th, 2014. … [Read more...]

Apps of the Week, Monkey Preschool Explorers, Tinker and more!

Apps of the week

With celebrations abound in the U.S. for the 4th of July, there are more great apps in the App Store than pork at a Joey Chestnut hot dog eating contest This week, we rock out, send our kids to preschool with monkeys, go on the hunt for monsters, find new ways to be productive and still find time for some classic meditation to free our minds. It's time for the everythingiCafe Apps of the Week for July 5th, 2014. Boom! … [Read more...]

Facebook Messenger for iPad Now Available

Facebook Messenger iPad

Available in the App Store, the new Facebook Messenger finally brings support for the iPad. The user interface in version 7.0 brings much of what we've seen in previous versions, but thankfully, in a tablet friendly version. The update changelog is predominantly bug fixes, noting that calls are more reliable and it fixes an issue where the list of people active on Facebook shows up faster. Messaging is completely free, but does of course require a WiFi or data connection. Facebook Messenger includes stickers, private photo sharing and lets you access messaging without opening Facebook. It supports group messaging and even supports sending messages to phone numbers of contacts who aren't Facebook friends. In messaging isn't your … [Read more...]

Google Acquires Songza Streaming Music Service


Google today announced they had acquired Songza, the free streaming music service that provides expert-curated playlists to fit your mood and interest. Songza is one of the better streaming music apps for iOS, Android and Sonos (which also happens to be ad-free). According to the official statement, "no immediate changes to Songza are planned, other than making it faster, smarter and more fun to use." … [Read more...]