As May draws to a close and June promises new things from Apple, the perpetual flow of great apps continues this week. We join the kids as they visit Toca Town, take on the Dots sequel, clip all the things for Evernote and so much more. It is time for the apps of the week for May 31st, 2014.

Apps of the week

Two Dots

If you recall Dots, the game that took over many lives, thanks to its simple, addictive flair for fun. The developers are back, bring much of what we loved about the first version. The game is still largely about connecting things, with dots, yetis, squids and more. Couple the gameplay with a brilliant minimalistic design and relaxing music, which sets the tone for hours of fun.

Two Dots brings a story line, without our lovable dots on a mission. You’ll embark on an adventure that includes 85 levels. You’ll connect dots, make bombs, extinguish flames and other new features found in the sequel. The game is free, but in-app purchases are there for those who need that extra power up, lives or bomb.

Two Dots

If you played Dots, TwoDots is a worthy successor. If you haven’t played either, that’s two great games available today that is a sure fire way to kill a few hours.

Download TwoDots – Free

Toca Town

The Toca franchise remains one of the most popular collection of games with kids under 5 and the kiddies will rejoice this week with the release of Toca Town. In previous games from Toca Boca, they are often limited to a particular location. Kids would either cook up things in the kitchen or style hair. Toca Town lets kids play their own way, appealing to their sense of exploration and imagination.

With 21 characters to choose from, kids can explore the park, police station, restaurant, house and apartment. Kids can interact with everything, piquing their curiosity. The variety will help keep things fun and unique.

Toca Town

Parents will appreciate zero advertising and no in-app purchases. Toca Town continues the tradition of fantastic gameplay for the little ones.

Download Toca Town – $2.99

Salt & Pepper: A Physics Game

The goal here is simple, you draw to guide salt and pepper to their respective bowls. When you’ve completed the level, you are awarded a star. In this physics gamer, there is no single way to win. You need to draw the path you feel will lead your salt or pepper to the correct bowls.There are 42 levels, plenty to keep you challenged, with more on the way.

Salt & Pepper

Download Salt & Pepper: A Physics Game – $0.99

EverClip 2

Version 2 of the indispensable app for Evernote users is back and better than ever. It’s also available at a launch price that is 60% normal pricing. This version was ‘designed from the ground up’ and adds numerous new features. As a refresher, EverClip 2 is an app that runs in the background, letting you clip text, images, clippings from documents, PDFs and more.

This app runs in the background, acting as a collector of all your clippings. When you jump back into the app, it will let you edit and annotate your clips. When you’re ready, EverClip makes it easy to send them to Evernote.

Ever Clip 2

Download EverClip 2 – $3.99

Dragon Quest VIII

The incredibly popular eighth installment of Dragon Quest is now available on the iOS for the first time ever. It has sold 4.9 million units worldwide. If you are looking for a serious RPG, look no further than Dragon Quest VIII. Fans of the franchise are unanimous in their support of the first version for iPhone and iPad.

Dragon Quest VIII

“This is by far one of the best RPGs I’ve ever played. A brilliant musical score and narrative dialog.”

“One of the PS2’s best games on iPad with touch controls. A must buy!”

Download Dragon Quest VII – $19.99

These our your apps of the week for May 31st, 2014. The App Store is brimming with new apps each and every day. Did you spot a great new app this week that we missed? Share it in the comments!