With just a few weeks left in the summer, the App Store continues to bring the heat. This week, we crack the whip like Indy, teach our kids to share, check in on the latest showbiz gossip, learn how to play by the rules, and in our spare time, play God. It’s time for the everythingiCafe apps of the week for August 9th, 2014.

Apps of the week


The cute factor in this game from Code Monkeys is off the charts, but so is the gameplay. Rules is described as a ‘twitch-puzzle’ game. With each level, you are faced with a new rule. Tap on green objects or tap numbers in descending order. You might be able to master the early levels, but the rules change as you get deeper into the game and Rules gets increasingly challenging.


Rules does a great job meshing some classic gaming favorites like Simon Says and Super Hexagon. It’s features impeccable design, addictive gameplay and cute characters that will keep you coming back for more.

Download Rules ($1.99)

Sago Mini Friends

For the little ones, Sago Mini Friends is the latest from Sago Sago, developers behind a suite of awarding winning games for toddlers. In this game, your kids will go on a playdate with to five of their favorite friends. There are ten activities, each promotes empathy, sharing and creativity. Activities like washing up and snack time are relatable to toddler-aged tots. This app will stir your child’s imagination. The activities, while fun, promote positive role-play.
Sago mini

Sago Mini can be played alone or with friends and family. The game contains no in-app purchases or advertising. It’s intended for ages 2-4, where wonder, creativity and curiosity is rewarded.

Download Sago Mini Friends ($2.99)

E! Online

Let’s face it, when you need to find out what’s going on with The Kardashians and other celebrities, E! is a fantastic source. They’ve released an entirely new design, one that will feel at home on your iOS 7 device. It’s not all good looks, there are a number of new features and improvements. The all-important news content has been revamped with faster videos, photos and more content.

E! Online

When red carpet season rolls around, the app will provide a live stream, so you’ll never miss a beat. The app also provides clips of your favorite shows including The Soup, Keeping Up With the Kardashians and more.

Download E! Online


Sculpt a world from the very beginning. Using nothing but touch, you can create and shape every inch of the landscape. You’ll do so for your followers, who will live, learn and grow in the world you’ve created. It’s a game that will evolve based on your decisions. You can cast miracles of both beauty and destruction, each with their own consequence.


You’ll guide your followers as they explore new lands and discover rewards. Mysteries await both above and below the landscape.

Godus has amassed quite a following in the App Store. With over 12,000 ratings, it boasts a 4.5 star rating. It seems that a game that allows you to play God is well received. Here’s what they are saying:

“With brilliant graphics and revolutionary gameplay, this game is a must.”

“This game is simply amazing, from graphics to gameplay, it’s awesome.”

One downside to Godus is the requirement to connect to their servers. As a result of the popularity, it appears they are having difficulty keeping their servers running at peak efficiency. You can expect that to be resolved. Also of note, playing God is free, but if you choose to purchase gems, it can be pricey with in-app purchase packs priced up to $99.99.

Download Godus (Free)

Traps n’ Gemstones

What if you too Metroid, Castlevania and mixed it with an Indiana Jones theme. That’s exactly what you get with Traps n’ Gemstones. With a trusty whip at your side, you’ll embark on an adventure through the pyramids of Egypt in search of the lost relics.

Fans of the game are singing its praises in the App Store:

“With frustrating enemies and a whip as your sole defense, you blaze through each room in an attempt to surpass your previous high score. The wonderful bit-style graphics and whimsical music set the tone for a great temple adventure, allowing for hours of gameplay.”

“Perfection. There’s no better word to describe this game.”

If you enjoy platform gamers with a retro flair, you owe it to yourself to brandish a whip and start your adventure.

Download Traps n’ Gemstones $4.99

Other Picks

These our your apps of the week for August 9th, 2014. The App Store is brimming with new apps each and every day. Did you spot a great new app this week that we missed? Share it in the comments!