The clocks fall back this week, so that gives us an extra hour to enjoy all of the great new apps lining the shelves of the App Store. This week, we get our scare on, learn the origin of Deathbat, find new ways to organize our inbox, and bring serious image editing tools to our iPads. It’s time for the everythingiCafe apps of the week for October 25th, 2014.

Apps of the week

Toca Boo

When it comes to apps for kids, Toca Boca remains one our favorite developers and it appears they have yet another hit on their hands. Just in time for Halloween, Toca Boo lets kids playfully float around and scare! They’ll explore a house with two floors and six rooms, finding hidden surprises throughout. There’s plenty of interaction and players can eat food to get even bigger scares.

Toca Boo doesn’t have any in-app purchases or advertising and features a kid-friendly user interface. It’s completely open-ended gameplay, so kids won’t get frustrated. Hide behind curtains, rattle things to make characters nervous and say BOO!

Toca Boo

Download Toca Boo – $2.99


You may have heard about Pixelmator for Mac. It is the critically acclaimed image editor that have had some using it to replace Photoshop at a fraction of the cost. The developers have brought these robust image editing tools to the iPad with the new Pixelmator for iPad. It was officially introduced at the Apple Special Event earlier this month alongside the new iPads.


This isn’t your basic photo filter app, thought it can certainly replicate an array of filters. Pixelmator is a complete image editing program, quite an amazing feat bringing these features to the iPad. Here’s just a sampling of what you can expect from Pixelmator:

  • Creative tools: Templates, photo frames, shapes, shadows and strokes.
  • Painting tools: Paint as if you were painting on canvas. Different brushes, sizes and opacity.
  • Color correction: Single swipe improvements, color correction presets, numerous adjustments for contrast, brightness, curves, levels and more.
  • Retouching tools: Remove flaws, use tools like blur, sharpen, lighten and darken. Remove red-eye with one click.
  • Real effects: Dozens of effects, including vintage effects. Create perfect black and white images, enhance with sparkling Bokeh and add text effects.
  • Layers: Advanced image editing using multiple layers.

Pixelmator iPad

The ultimate creative tool for image editing on the iPad and a steal at $5.

Download Pixelmator – $4.99

Puzzle to the Center of the Earth

You’ll embark on a journey to the center of the earth in this platform puzzler. There are over 80 levels and to make your way, you’ll need to solve puzzles. Find legendary treasure and explore a vast underground world. During your journey, you’ll encounter traps, creatures, cave-ins, lava, underground oceans and more. The gameplay is reminiscent of Candy Crush. It’s addictive, fun and doesn’t seem spoiled by overly aggressive in-app purchases, where you need to pay to play through certain levels. It’s early, but reviews have been overwhelmingly positive.

Puzzle to the Center of the Earth

“Tons of levels, fun and the IAPs are cheats you don’t need to win.”

“Wonderful. Combines Candy Crush and Pet Rescue, but adds the ability to return to levels to pick up items for the journey that you may not have found.”

“A challenging game that’s great for casual fun.”

If you enjoy match-three type puzzle games, this platform twist should appeal to you. It’s designed for one-handed use, so it makes for a great pick-up and play casual gamer.

Download Puzzle to the Center of the Earth – Free

Inbox by Gmail

Just when you think that every concept aimed at revitalizing email has been done, Google has taken our email in a new direction with Inbox. Now, before you get excited about this app, I should caution that it’s currently in beta and you’ll need an invite. You can request one by shooting an email to

Inbox by Gmail

So, how does Inbox work. Well for one, it’s designed for use with Gmail. The goal of the app is to emphasize your most important content, helping you get organized. In many ways, Inbox can be described as Google Now for email. For example, lets say that you have an upcoming trip and a business meeting. Those emails are highlighted, expanded and critical information is brought to the forefront. To further reduce inbox clutter, Google’s Inbox can bundle similar emails. If you are inundated with emails from retail stores, they get bundled into a promo grouping.

No one has the time to go through and sort your emails based on importance, group similar emails and highlight those of importance. This is Google doing what they do best. Google Now is a great product and bring that type of smart indexing to your inbox can be incredibly powerful stuff.

You can grab the app today, but the invite might take some time.

Download Inbox by Gmail – Free

Hail to the King: Deathbat

From the minds of the band Avenged Sevenfold comes an overhead RPG that is based on origin of Deathbat, the band’s mascot. The band is also responsible for the soundtrack, which was inspired by the 8-bit classics like Castlevania. The gameplay is similar to games like Legend of Zelda or Diablo. There are a massive number of levels that feature brutal melee combat, magic attacks and unforgiving bosses. Fans of the band are praising this new effort.


“The music is great, the level design is awesome and the gameplay is very challenging.”

“Great game for A7X fans and gamers.”

If you are a fan of the band, this is a must purchase. IAPs let you play as members of the band. The graphics use artwork from the band’s collection, all of which are used as inspiration for levels in the game. The game is billed as having 10-12 hours of gameplay, with an additional “Nightmare Mode” for those who beat the original game.

Download Hail to the King: Deathbat – $4.99

These our your apps of the week for October 25th, 2014. The App Store is brimming with new apps each and every day. Did you spot a great new app this week that we missed? Share it in the comments!