With celebrations abound in the U.S. for the 4th of July, there are more great apps in the App Store than pork at a Joey Chestnut hot dog eating contest This week, we rock out, send our kids to preschool with monkeys, go on the hunt for monsters, find new ways to be productive and still find time for some classic meditation to free our minds. It’s time for the everythingiCafe Apps of the Week for July 5th, 2014. Boom!

Apps of the Week

Monster Hunter Freedom

When you think of classic PSP games, Monster Hunter Freedom almost certainly comes to mind and now it’s available on iOS. This game is all about hunting monsters. As you take that down various beasts, you’ll be rewarded with enhancements to your armor and weapons. The controls have been designed to be simple and effective, with some actions accomplished with a single button. It also supports MFi controllers. Graphics have been updated mightily with impressive environments. A target camera helps you keep monsters in your sight, as you go in for the kill and the game will display pop-up icons to highlight interactive elements.

This game offers multi-player support over WiFi, so up to 4 friends can join the hunt with live chat. It’s one of the more expensive games, but reviewers seem to find the price of entry well worth it.

Monster Hunter iOS

“This blew away all of my expectations. It controls surprisingly well on a touch screen.”

“Best game on iOS so far. Incredible graphics and extremely intuitive controls.”

“May be overwhelming for newcomers, but this port of a PSP remake of a PS2 game has tons of content, amazing graphics, beautiful music and audio and the controls work perfectly on the touch screen.”

Download Monster Hunter Freedom ($14.99)


If you are a guitar player in search of the perfect tone (and what guitar player isn’t), you owe it to yourself to check out ToneStack. It offers all sorts of advanced signal processing with a huge number of available amps and FX. The base app will get you started with 6 classic amps and cabinets, alone with 20 effects. Through in-app purchases, you can expand to meet your needs. ToneStack lets you run 64 amps and effects simultaneously. While most won’t go to that extreme, you’ll enjoy the options offered.

For a limited time, it’s being offered at an introductory price. It’s Virtual Circuit technology promises a digital mirror image of a real analog topology. Grab ToneStack and shred away.


Download ToneStack


A different kind of productivity app, Tinker lets you set time-based goals using the Pomodoro technique. For example, you can set up a time to start a project, with a end time. You can visualize your progress, tap to pause and receive notifications upon completion. Whether you are a student, parent or professional, the applications for Tinker are limitless. The app shows time based goals, with little in the way of pressure. It keeps you on task with a pleasing progression visualization.


Download Tinker

Monkey Preschool Explorers

If you have toddlers, the line of Monkey games is fun, educational and has plenty of replay value. The team is back with Monkey Preschool Explorers, again focusing on early education. The app will help teach upper and lower case numbers, colors, shapes and more. It’s designed to help foster memory and matching of associated objects. These education games are all set to the jungle backdrop with a group of adorable monkeys.

Monkey Preschool Explorers

These developers have a great track record designing apps without confusing menus or navigation. The reward based system also helps encourage kids as they work on over 100 thought provoking puzzles. These are ideal for kids under 5.

Download Monkey Preschool Explorers


Though we all love our phones, they aren’t typically associated with helping to take the stress out of your life. Here’s one app that does just that, through the art of meditation. Version 2.0 of Headspace uses proven meditation and mindfulness techniques to “treat your head right.” It’s a free app that offers access up to Take10, Level 1 of the Foundation Course, a great starting point for those new to meditation. The subscriptions can be expensive, but well worth it for those who find it works for them. You can choose a pack to focus on your needs. Happiness, Creativity, Focus, Performance? Headspace has the meditation tools to put you in the right frame of mind to achieve your goals.

“I use Headspace as part of my morning routine. It’s become a valuable and irreplaceable tool for me in helping focus and calm my mind in prep for the day.”

“Beautiful designs which inspire me to want to use the app everyday.”

“Besides having amazing content, this app is the most beautiful app I’ve ever seen. I’m new to meditation, but after trying Headspace, I’m hooked.


Download Headspace


A relaxing puzzle game where you swipe to paint your way through each challenge. Combine colors as you fill the glowing circles. This is a mind-painting puzzle game that is simple, well designed and offers addictive challenges. It offers different three different modes. Moves requires you complete a puzzle in as less swipes as possible. Time Trial is a race agains the clock to see how fast you can complete the puzzle. And when you’ve got your watercolor chops, challenge a friend in GameCenter.

Download Watercolors

These our your Apps of the Week for July 5th, 2014. The App Store is brimming with new apps each and every day. Did you spot a great new app this week that we missed? Share it in the comments!