Welcome to another edition of the everythingiCafe Apps of the Week. It was a particularly strong week for game titles, flanked by an attractive new productivity app. This week we help Leo find his fortune, get a ride with Lyft, keep track of what’s next on our to-do list and take on some epic battles. It is time for the Apps of the Week, for the week ending April 26th, 2014.

Apps of the Week

Leo’s Fortune

In this platform gamer, you’ll be mesmerized by the gorgeous graphics that are the backdrop for awesome gameplay. A killer combination that has people buzzing.  As you make your way through 24 beautifully crafted levels, you’ll collect coins and solve puzzles, seeking out the truth behind Leo’s stolen fortune.


Here are just a few reviews of Leo’s Fortune:

“The game is jaw-dropping beautiful and the graphics must be seen in action to be appreciated.”

“This game is simply amazing.”

“Never before have I come across such a beautiful game on a mobile device.”


It also supports Made for iPhone game controllers. Amazing graphics, great gameplay and a solid soundtrack. If you are a fan of  platform games in the spirit of Nintendo, you shouldn’t think twice about adding Leo’s Fortune to your game collection.

Download Leo’s Fortune – $4.99


Lyft is described as ‘your friend with a car‘.  In practice, it’s more like your friend with a car that charges you for rides. The app lets you instantly connect with friendly, reliable drivers in your area. Open the app, request a pickup and someone will be on their way. The app provides real-time updates with ETA. You can view photos of the person picking you up and the car. Hey, there’s Dan in his Toyota Prius coming to pick me up!


When you reach your destination, the app automatically charges you for the ride. No need to carry cash or go through the awkward process of tipping. After the ride, both passengers and drivers can leave ratings. If you leave less than 3 stars, the app won’t match you again with that driver.


All drivers go through an extensive background check and DMV checks. Also, Lyft drivers must have a vehicle that was manufactured after the year 2000. So if you need a lift, download the app and request a ride. And don’t forget to take part in the Lyft ritual of a pre-ride fist-bump.

Download Lyft – Free

Up Next

A different twist on to-do app, Up Next is a ‘context sensitive’ app that can determine your most important tasks. It goes one step further, providing quick links to apps you’ll need to complete your task. Are you heading out for dinner reservation or making an important call? The app takes your tasks and provides one-tap access to the appropriate application, including Maps or the Phone app.


Up Next supports multiple lists and quick entry for new tasks, with advanced repeating options. It is fully integrated with the Calendar and Reminders apps.


Up Next provides dynamic backgrounds that change with the time of the day. Your lists are always in the forefront, despite a lovely transparent UI that highlights beautiful imagery.

Download Up Next -$2.99

Tiny Dice Dungeon

This free RPG adventure game lets you explore dungeons and gain power by using dice. In Tiny Dice Dungeon, the dice are your weapons. You can customize unique dice sets used to attack monsters and yes, take part in epic boss fights.


As you do battle, you can utilize elemental monsters against those of the opposite elements. The game gets interesting when you step into the multiplayer arena for a battle to see who is the best.


Tiny Dice Dungeon is an epic RPG filled with danger, warriors, wizards and loot. While the game is free, there are a multitude of in-app purchases for uncut dice. Craft new weapons, capture monsters and get your dice on the ready, as you do battle in this RPG adventure.
Download Tiny Dice Dungeon – Free

Wayward Souls

What’s been described as the sequel to the wildly popular Mage Gauntlet, Rocketcat Games brings an action packed adventure game that promises ‘quick play-through and massive replay value’.  Wayward Souls lets you play one of six characters, all of which have unique play styles, abilities and equipment. It also features ‘procedurally generated random levels’. This makes every play-through a fun and different experience.


You win the game by increasing your skill as a player. There are 13 area types and the developers are promising new areas with each update. The pricing is based on updates. Customers who purchase now are rewarded with the introductory sale price. With each release, the price goes up $1. The price of admission also means no IAP, not even for updates.

So what are people saying about Wayward Souls? Since its release earlier this week, has an almost perfect rating.

“Oozing great 16-bit inspired visuals…this title is terrific.”

“The music, the sound effects, the gameplay and the variety of Wayward make it seem as though it’s a high quality console game.”

“The controls are smooth, the soundtrack is awesome, the difficulty is unpredictably grueling, and the replay value seems endless.”


Download Wayward Souls – $4.99

These our your apps of the week for April 26th, 2014. The App Store is brimming with new apps each and every day. Did you spot a great new app this week that we missed? Share it in the comments!