As we bid farewell to January, this was a particularly strong week for new apps in the App Store. We saw an iPhone favorite get updated for iPad, weather re-imagined, a preview of what Android fans love in SwiftKey and so much more. These are the apps of the week for February 1st, 2014.


Launch Center Pro for iPad

Released for the iPhone in mid-2012, LaunchCenter Pro introduced an entirely new way to get things done using actions. It’s been a wildly popular application, but had not been available on iPad, until now. Representing well over 100 hours in development, Contrast brings actions to your tablet with Launch Center Pro for iPad.

Sending a text message is an action within the messages application. The typical manner in which to execute an action is to launch the app and ‘create the action’. Open the ‘Messages’ app and tap the icon to create a new message. Launch Center Pro saves you steps, not only in Messages, but in a host of applications. If you are looking for ways customize your iPad experience and improve your productivity, you should put Launch Center Pro at the top of your wishlist.

Download Launch Center Pro ($4.99)

Dark Sky

When it was first released, Dark Sky was the darling of bloggers and users, for its uncanny ability to notify you when it was going to rain. Released earlier this week, version 4.0 goes well beyond rain predictions. The iOS 7 version of Dark Sky has been completely re-imagined, developed as a full-scale weather app.

There are plenty of beautiful weather apps for iPhone and Dark Sky certainly deserves to mentioned amongst them. With the new release, it is more than a one-trick pony. Dark Sky will still alert you when you need to bring an umbrella, but now it does so much more.

Download Dark Sky ($3.99)

MarcoPolo Ocean

Designed for kids ages 5 and under, MarcoPolo Ocean lets kids explore and build their own underwater environment. They can construct their own ocean landscape, by adding coral reefs and selecting from over thirty fish.

MarcoPolo Ocean encourages interaction, allowing kids to tap, drag and swipe. It’s all part of an expansive app of self-directed discovery. Create your personal aquarium on the iPad. The app is optimized for retina display iPads, so using older non-retina iPads could result in slower load times.

Download MarcoPolo Ocean ($2.99)

Super Bowl XLVIII – NFL Official Program

Are you a fan of the Seahawks or Broncos, but can’t get to the game? Now you can enjoy the official game program on your iPad. The app itself is free, but offers in-app purchases for each program.

Not only does this app offer this year’s program, NFL fans can download the entire history of official game programs. The current program is priced at $1.99, with older programs at just $0.99. Can I recommend Super Bowl VI, XII, XXVII, XXVIII?

Download SuperBowl – NFL Official Program (Free)

Peek Calendar

Yet another calendar app, but this one is different. Peek Calendar is all about creating a simple, clean design, reminiscent of Clear. It tries to provide you with a glanceable calendar, focusing on what’s important. Reviews for this are mixed. If you are looking for a robust calendaring solution, you might be better served picking from our collection of the best calendar apps. If you enjoy clean, intuitive design at the peril of information overload, this may be for you.

Download Peek Calendar ($0.99)


Who says math cannot be beautiful? Converta is a simple, beautiful and incredibly powerful app for converting units. This app is designed for iOS 7 and looks stunning in its execution. As for the unit coversion, it supports up to twenty categories including area, byte, currency, volume, velocity, current and energy. You can do math on the spot, so no need to switch to your calculator app. Coverta also features an new sliding gesture for conversions.

Download Converta ($0.99)

SwiftKey Note

From the makers of the highly popular Android keyboard replacement, SwiftKey Note uses their robust predictive text capabilities to speed up your note taking. Earning high ratings from the get go, SwiftKey Note clearly benefits from their experience building awesome keyboards.

Evernote fans take note, this app will automatically sync notes, making for a powerful note-taking combination.

Download SwiftKey Note (free)

These our your apps of the week. The App Store is brimming with new apps each and every day. Did you spot a great new app this week that we missed? Share it in the comments!