Summer is on the horizon and things are heating up in the App Store. This week, we join our favorite birds in an adventure, delight in the simplicity of RSS, follow our favorite football soccer team and celebrate the rebirth of click and point adventure. It’s time for the the apps of the week for June 14th, 2014.

Apps of the week

Angry Birds Epic

The Angry Birds are back, but this time around, it’s a twist on what you might expect from the pig pugilists. The Epic title is earned here, with the addition of an RPG based game that features epic battles, characters, upgrades, weapons and more. Lead your flock into battle, as you attack and defend against the enemies on Piggy Island.

Angry Birds Epic

Rovio seems to have done right by the franchise here, with almost 6,000 reviews and an almost perfect rating. Here’s what the kids are saying in the App Store:

“Epic is the newest and largest step into the Angry Birds universe and I am happy to be a part of it.”

“What a beautifully simple game. It’s easy to understand, fun to engage in and challenging.”

It’s seems our birds have matured right before our very eyes and how good is that trailer. Head into battle!

Download Angry Birds Epic (Free)

Unread for iPad

One of our favorite RSS readers for iPhone is back, in a new version optimized for the iPad. The quote below by Jared Sinclair encapsulates the desire to build an app whose single purpose is to present your RSS news without any distraction. The expert use of typography coupled with simplicity results in an unfettered reading experience.

Unread iPad

Unread is form and function. You can move anywhere in the app using your thumbs. The interface was designed to be comfortable, letting you flick between screens.

If you were a fan of the iPhone version or simply looking for simple, elegant RSS reader for iPad, Unread is worth your consideration.

Download Unread for iPad ($4.99)

VVVVVV and Super Gravitron

You either immediately see that title and grin from ear to ear, or left wondering what in the world is VVVVVV. That’s six times V. This indie platformer is based on the PC hit from 2010 and it’s available now on the iPhone and iPad. It brings everything you love about 2D platform gaming to your favorite iOS device. The innovate gamer uses challenges throughout and your character has only one ability, to invert gravity.

VVVVVV is a challenging game, so don’t expect a walk in the park. Developer Terry Cavanagh also released Super Gravitron this week. It’s a free minigame, that will give you a preview of the gameplay of VVVVVV.


Download Super Gravitron (Free)

Download VVVVVV ($2.99)

FIFA Official App

Have you heard, there’s a small soccer tournament taking place in Brazil? The official FIFA app will help keep you up to date on all the news, standings and GOOAAALS! Official apps often pale in comparison to the actual event, but this one seems to score big with soccer fans. An interactive feature lets you vote on the ‘Man of the Match’. Explore the app and you’ll find photos, exclusive interviews and videos.

When you can’t be in front of a TV, keep the FIFI app for iOS at your side for live scoring updates throughout the event.

FIFA Official app

Download FIFA Official App

Deep Space Pussy

Cats. In space. I’m not sure much else is needed to describe this interstellar game where you play as Mr. Snuffles and Mittens, battling your way through 40 space levels in search of a new catmosphere.

Deep Space Pussy

Editor’s note: Admittedly, this editor being a fan of felines has helped earn this app a spot in this week’s choices.

Download Deep Space Pussy ($1.99)

Mecha Ace

An interactive sci-fi novel where you control the story. A completely text-based experience, so don’t expect any graphics. Your decisions, coupled with the ever-changing story line should feed your imagination. Mecha Ace starts with you in the cockpit of a giant robot. Where it ends is up to you.

Mecha Ace

Download Mecha Ace ($2.99)

Broken Age (iPad)

A beautifully crafted graphic adventure, created by Tim Schafer, exclusively for the iPad. What started as a Kickstarter campaign has now resulted in a 2D world of hand painted click and point adventure. Soundtracked with an actual orchestra scored by Peter McConnell, this is a captivating experience that stands alone.

Double Fine has officiall ushered in the next generation of click and point adventure. If you pick up this title, plugin your headphones and immerse yourself in this delightful journey.

Broken Age

Download Broken Age ($9.99)

ICYMI: Rival Knights

Who doesn’t love bone breaking medieval jousting? Mount up as you experience the thrill and agony that can only come from jousting. Challenge your friends, players online and take aim at victory.

It’s taken the App Store with its highly addictive gameplay, smooth lifelike graphics and brutal combat that captures medieval times.

Download Rival Knights (Free)

These our your apps of the week for June 14th, 2014. The App Store is brimming with new apps each and every day. Did you spot a great new app this week that we missed? Share it in the comments!