This marks the first week we celebrate a game whose focus is on a curious rectangle. Join us as we continue to experience 8-bit gaming in glorious retina, take on a new tower adventure, play table tennis and still find time to map our thoughts. It is time for the apps of the week for the week ending May 17th, 2014.

Apps of the week

Thomas Was Alone

There are games and there are game experiences. Thomas Was Alone stands apart from the crowd in this engaging story about a rectangle. You’ll proceed through a journey that includes 100 levels of gameplay in an emotional story that features narration by Danny Wallace.

Thomas Was Alone

The game made its debut on iOS, but has sold millions worldwide. It received a BAFTA award, that’s British Film and Television Awards for your yankees and the praise for this minimalist gamer continues.

What they are saying in the App Store:

“Essentially,chicken soup for the gaming soul.”

“I can’t even describe how much I love this game. The story is great, the gameplay is awesome and the puzzles are difficult.”

Download Thomas Was Alone -$8.99 (iPad only)

iThoughts (mindmap)

If you are juggling multiple projects, either at home or work, task managers alone are only so helpful in understanding the big picture. They are keeping track of things that need to get done, but they don’t provide a good top-down view. iThoughts does just that, helping you to visual your thoughts, ideas and information. These sorts of diagrams can help present information in a whole new light.


Mindmapping is useful for task lists, brainstorming, project planning, goal setting, TGD, course notes, meeting notes and more. It includes flexible topic attributes, task management, as well as advanced mindmap features.

Download iThoughts – $1.99

Kero Blaster

The resurgence of interest in 8-bit gaming continues with Kero Blaster. This 2-D side-scrolling platform shooter is from the makers of Cave Story. It features tight gameplay that will jet you back into the land of early Nintendo gaming.

As for the storyline, you play the role of a bipedal frog who also happens to be a master of Custodial Sciences. With an array of weapons, you must rid the company’s teleporters of strange black creatures.

Kero Blaster

If you like 3DS gaming, put Kero Blaster on your short list of games to check out.

Download Kero Blaster – $4.99


Fast, fun and colorful. JoyJoy is a dual-stick shooter that is includes waves of addictive destruction. App Store reviewers rave about the incredible stylish and easy to control game from RadiumGames.


The game features 24 unique waves and 6 intense challenges. You can start at any of five difficulty levels, which should allow for increased replay value. It also supports iOS 7 MFi controllers.

Download JoyJoy – $1.99

Demons vs Fairyland

No, you won’t be defending Fairyland in this tower defense game. You’ll be saddling up with the armies of the undead, commanding monsters and demons against those “goody two-shoe Fairyland folks.”

The game includes an assortment of spells, that you’ll use to help protect the kids. There are over 50 achievements, four difficulty modes and you’ll need to bring your A-game when it comes to tactical skills.

Demons vs Fairyland

Demons vs Fairyland is one of the more popular Armor Games and now it’s on iOS. Fight your way through the dark forest!

Download Demons vs Fairyland – $0.99

Table Tennis Touch

It’s time to channel your inner Balls of Fury spirit in this ultra-realistic recreation of table tennis (ping pong for your amateurs). It features everything from quick games to an epic career mode, with the great Kao Jianjun standing in your way of the table tennis king.

Table Tennis Touch

The developers have focused on making the game controls easy, for those who enjoy pick up and play. Don’t let the simple controls fool you. This game can get extremely difficult as you compete against increasingly difficult competitors.

If tournaments aren’t your thing, Table Tennis Touch has an assortment of ‘Insane mini games’. Play clock based games where you knock down skittles, serve around moving obstacles, return spin on tiny tables and more.

What they are saying in the App Store:

“The game screams quality in every possible way.”

“Graphics are amazing and the gameplay feels great and addictive.”

The games all take place in graphically rich and detailed environments. Welcome to the underbelly of ping-pong where fortunes are won and lost.

Download Table Tennis Touch – $3.99

These our your apps of the week for May 17th, 2014. The App Store is brimming with new apps each and every day. Did you spot a great new app this week that we missed? Share it in the comments!