Spring is in full swing with a plethora of amazing new apps hitting the App Store. Two well known developers, Adobe and Hipstamatic, show us new ways to edit and create amazing videos. And Then It Rained could be a title for the last week’s weather in New York and it’s also a cool new game, one that contrasts with the equally cool Nintendo Gameboy-inspired 2-bit Cowboy. When it’s time to wind down from video editing and game play, Noisli brings soothing sounds to your iPhone. Those are just a few of the apps featured in this week’s edition of the everythingiCafe Apps of the Week, for the week ending May 10th, 2014.

Apps of the week

And Then It Rained

Sometimes great apps take a while to percolate and get noticed. And Then It Rained dropped last month, but it was too good not to highlight it in our weekly round-up. The abstract minimalist-style gamers seems to be a growing trend and this game is just that. It combines tried and true arcade style gameplay with beautifully designed visuals and sounds. The visuals and sounds help create an immersive, almost relaxing experience as you catch colored and different sounding rain drops. To fully enjoy the experience, grab your headphones.

And then it rained

Don’t let the early stages fool you. As you progress, you’ll need to be quick on your feet finger. Addictive, fun and relaxing makes for a game that is uniquely suited for the iPhone and iPad. A modern Tetris that is great for passing time.

Download And Then It Rained – $1.99


Are you a fan of photo filters and wish you could bring Hipstamatic-like filters to your videos? If so, you’ll love Cinamatic, the video sibling to the popular filter-laden shooter. Cinamatic lets you film short videos from 3 to 15 seconds in length. Ideally, you’d use the app to shoot multiple video clips that you can combine to tell your story in cool, self-made motion picture.


Cinamatic is all about filters and while it comes with a handful to start, there are a multitude of options using the in-app purchase options. This app is all about taking your videos and getting creative. When you’re done, the app provides ample options to share with friends and family using social networks Vine, Instagram and Facebook.

Download Cinamatic – $1.99

Adobe Voice for iPad

The challenge in making great videos is often the video itself. Adobe Voice takes that problem out of the equation, by letting you use over 25,000 icons and millions of images. So what’s your job here? You help create the story and use your voice to narrate. This being from Adobe, you’ll have a wide variety of high quality fonts and typography that will add impact to your work.

Adobe Voice

Adobe Voice is unique in that it lets anyone create stunning, moving videos. Add a soundtrack and theme to personalize your video. This app is ideal for students looking to add impact to a presentation, those involved in fundraising or those who are looking for an elegant way to tell a story.

So if you want to make great videos, without all the hassle of recording video, give Adobe Voice a try.

Download Adobe Voice (iPad only) – Free


What sounds do you find relaxing? Whispering winds, a babbling brook, waves crashing on the shoreline or maybe your idea of relaxing are the sounds of your favorite coffee house. Noisli is a new app, based on the website, that is a background noise and color generator. The sounds are proven to help relieve anxiety and focus. The app is great tool for writers, creative folks and anyone who finds background sounds helpful. You can use this app at work or home for those times when you need help winding down. For those with infants, there is a white noise setting.


Noisli lets you mix and create combos. Rain and thunderstorm or maybe you prefer summer night and fan. Using the included timer feature, Noisli will fade out as you fall asleep.  These features are wrapped nicely in a simple, yet stunning UI.

Noisli alarm

Download Noisli – $0.99

Good Reader 4

It’s been called the “swiss army knife” of PDF readers and this latest version builds on that with a new universal app. Good Reader is so much more than just a PDF reader. It allows you to create notes, highlight text and use the built-in tools to draw lines, arrows, squares, circles and clouds. The app supports word wrap, letting you easily view text. Big files are no challenge for Good Reader and it promises a fast, read anything experience.

Good Reader

When you finish with your changes, you can share via email or using cloud services including Dropbox, OneDrive, box.com and more. Celebrating the big launch, Good Reader is available at 60 percent off the normal price.

Download Good Reader 4 – $2.99

2-Bit Cowboy

Saddle up, because it’s time to travel back in time. No, not to the days of cowboys and gunslingers. In 2-Bit Cowboy, you’ll go way back, to the early days of the Nintendo GameBoy. This side-scroller lets you customize your cowboy, make your way through huge levels and then throw down a cold one at the local saloon.

2-bit Cowboy

So flip the switch on your insanely powerful iPhone and transform it into the finest 1989 handheld gaming device that money can buy.

Download 2-Bit Cowboy

Three Cents

Have questions that you’d like to ask? Maybe you want an opinion on a movie, book or new restaurant. You could post a status update on Facebook, tweet a message to your followers and reconcile their answers. Or you could use Three Cents, the easy to way create polls and get opinions. The app lets you invite anyone from your expansive social network including Twitter, Facebook along with SMS or email. The respondents don’t need the app to provide you with an answer.

Three Cents

Polls alone wouldn’t be very exciting, so Three Cents ups the ante. You can use content from Yelp, iTunes, iBooks, Trip Advisor and more. The app makes it easy to reconcile all the responses, making it a great way to ask questions and get answers from people that matter to you.

Three Cents polls on iPhone

Download Three Cents – Free

30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge

When it comes to doing something healthy for your body, green drinks are rich with vitamins, antioxidants. Juicing can seriously improve your overall health, provided you keep on a schedule. The 30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge will help you reach your goal, by providing daily recipes complete with shopping lists. If you fall of the wagon, you’ll still enjoy over 120 recipes. To take part, all you need is a blender and the will power to stay the course.

30 day green drink challenge

Having spent 10 days on a green drink only diet (yes, no caffeine), this challenge doesn’t require any changes to your existing diet. So enjoy your coffee in the morning and throw down a Green Dream Pineapple Smoothie later in your day. Get inspired, go green and best of luck achieving your goal!

Green drink recipes

Download 30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge – $4.99

These our your apps of the week for May 10th, 2014. The App Store is brimming with new apps each and every day. Did you spot a great new app this week that we missed? Share it in the comments!