WWDC dominated the week, but developers learning about all of the cool new stuff from Cupertino didn’t take a break from release great new apps for the iPhone and iPad. We turn Tetris on its head, engage in destruction that only Sky Force can deliver, make some serious awesome music with Oscilab and so much more. It is time for the apps of the week for June 6th, 2014.

Apps of the week

Sky Force 2014

Ten years ago, the original mobile blaster took flight. What better way to celebrate a ten year anniversary than with an all new 2014 version for the iPhone and iPad. You’ll pilot through countless missions, destroying everything in your path, in this classic arcade shooter. Sky Force 2014 does the original proud, but also brings with it stunning 3D graphics, touchscreen controls and a massive amount of upgrades.

Sky Force 2014

The app does offer in-app-purchases or you can earn your shields, guns, missiles, lasers, mega bombs and magnets through stellar gameplay. We don’t judge. Sometimes you need that extra boost. Your mission here is to rescue civilians, scoring points as you attain in-game achievements and rescue fallen opponents.

App Store reviewers have welcomed this classic with open arms.

“This brings back a lot of memories of old arcade games with a future twist. Very good game and amazing graphics.”

“I loved this game for years and now I’m so happy to be playing it once again. 5 of 5!”

Whether or not you remember the classic, fans of shooters should enlist today in Sky Force. Join Now! Save the world!

Download Sky Force 2014 (Free)

Tweet Seeker

When it comes to Twitter clients, iOS users suffer from an embarrassment of riches. Tweet Seeker doesn’t replace your favorite Twitter app. Instead it augments your Twitter experience by offer a robust search tool that will help you find your tweets. Have you ever searched for an old tweet? Twitter can become a bit of a black hole, but Tweet Seeker answers the call. It can retrieve up to 3200 of your tweets, even more if you request and import your Twitter archive.

Tweet Seeker

The app itself is free, with options to unlock all to enable searching of favorites and archive importing. The utility of Tweet Seeker depends on your time spent on Twitter, how many tweets you’ve amassed and if you’d like a quick, easy way to go back in history. Remember when I predicted the iPhone 6 release date back in 2012? Tweet Seeker will help you hunt down an old tweet with the help of advanced search syntax, filtering and more. You can change to the font from Arial, Avenir, Courier, Futura, George, Gill Sans, Helvetica Neue Light, and Verdana. The UI also brings iPhone 5c inspired colors.

Download Tweet Seeker (Free)

Tales of the Adventure Company

If you like puzzles, RPG and rogue-like elements, Tales of the Adventure Company offers the trifecta. You’ll take on over 25 monsters, each with different abilities as you make your trek across 5 unique episodes. Make your way through the graveyards, forests, ice wastelands and more. This app offers zero in-app purchases and zero ads. The app has been optimized for portrait mode, perfect for playing on the go.

Tales of the Adventure Company

You’ll go on 10 different adventures as you build your Adventure Company. Are you prepared for epic boss battles?

Download Tales of the Adventure Company ($3.99)


Pump up the volume with Oscilab, an incredible new wave oriented sequencer that will let you create sounds, loops and more. The music creation possibilities are endless, letting you create high quality tracks in minutes.

Oscilab features:

  • 28 wave shapers: control FREQUENCY, Filter CUTOFF, AMP and PAN of 6 devices.
  • 6 Channel mixer, with 2 FX channels.
  • Live Mode: 6 pads to tweak the frequency and cutoff of the generated patterns in real time.
  • Drum Machine with 15 high-quality drum kits.
  • 36 high-quality sampled instruments.
  • Analog Synth with two oscillators, featuring ring modulation, frequency modulation and ADSR control.
  • Global harmonic control: change all the arpeggiators tune settings from a single place.


When you are finished with your track, you send mixdowns to SoundCloud or Dropbox.

It’s available at 50% off for a limited launch sale.

Download Oscilab ($4.99)

Pocket Harvest

Kairosoft, the makers of Game Dev Story, are back a new simulation game. Pocket Harvest puts you in charge of harvesting crops. Create prize-winning produce to bring in the orders from local grocers, with the help of your animal friends. Pocket Harvest lets you start a farm from the ground up.
Pocket Harvest

Early reviews have this sim boasting a perfect rating and here’s what reviewers are saying:

“As always, an instant buy. Kairosoft has yet to disappoint me.”

“2 Kairosoft games in one month. I must be in heaven. Excellet as always.”

Download Pocket Harvest ($4.99)

Camera Fx8 Free

From the school of “you can never have too many photo filter” apps comes a recommendation to pick up Camera Fx8 Free. Based on the popular paid version, Camera Fx8 lets you pick a filter and shape. You can view the results before you’ve taken your photo. Choose from a wide variety of professional effects. If you need to spice up your selfies, this might be the app for you.

Camera Fx8

Download Camera Fx8 Free (Free)

99 Bricks Wizard Academy

99 Bricks Wizard Academy combines tower building with age-old classic Tetris-like gameplay. You are in every sense of the word, a wizard who will construct marvelous towers, battling Big Barry, Harry Hawk and others along the way. By taking the principles of Tetris, adding enemies, powerful spells and casts, this crazy tower building game is sure to delight.

As one App Store reviewer put it, “They took Tetris and turned it on its head.”

Download 99 Bricks Wizard Academy ($2.99)

These our your apps of the week for June 6th, 2014. The App Store is brimming with new apps each and every day. Did you spot a great new app this week that we missed? Share it in the comments!