Nothing beats the feel of sand between your toes, warm sunshine and hot new apps in the App Store. This week, we rekindle of love for podcasts, track our time, brush up on our ninja skills and look at an all inclusive pregnancy app. It’s time for the everythingiCafe apps of the week for July 19th, 2014.

Apps of the week


Developed by Marco Arment, of Instapaper fame, Overcast enters a crowded field of podcast apps for the iPhone. In development for what seems like an eternity, it made its debut on the App Store to rave reviews. In addition to his developer prowess, Arment is also a podcaster himself, so he’s able to marry the experience of production with his developer skills. The result is an app that is simple, offers a clean UI and has some nifty features not found elsewhere.

Overcast Podcast Player

Overcast is free, but offers in-app purchases for advanced features that include downloading over cellular and ‘Smart Speed’ and ‘Voice Boost’ effects. You can actually test these effects using the free version. A social element lets you get recommendations from Twitter.

As of now, it has an almost perfect score with almost 1,100 ratings. If you’re obsessive about podcasts or a casual listener, you should check out the app. The ‘Unlock Everything’ option for $4.99 unlocks all of its features and you can expect this app to continue to see updates, provided you are moving to iOS 8 this fall, a requirement to use future versions.

Download Overcast (Free, $4.99 IAP)

Hours Time Tracking

If you’re an attorney, designer, babysitter, student or anyone who needs to track your time, Hours is a beautifully crafted app from Apple Design Award winners Tapity. Beyond its good looks, this is an incredibly capable time tracker. It includes smart reminders to advise you when its about time to start or stop your times, all of which happens with a single tap. You can set custom rounding rules based on your preferred intervals.

Hours Time Tracking

As you start tracking, the calendar will provide a visual representation of the hours you’ve tracked and which you didn’t. You can setup Hours to work with clients, projects and tasks. Each time also supports the addition of your notes. If you need to share your hours, you can send detailed reports in either PDF or CSV formats via email.

Here’s what folks are saying in the App Store:

“Usability and aesthetic elegance are rarely as effectively combined as they are in this app.”

“This app helps not wasting your time and been designed with simplicity in mind, making it easier to use. A good way to hack productivity.”

Download Hours ($4.99)

Glow Nurture

Last week we highlighted The Bump and this week, yet another great app for women who are looking to their iPhone to track and gain insight about their pregnancy. You set up your personal account, which will enable Glow Nurture to deliver a pregnancy countdown. You’ll receive daily updates on your pregnancy and your baby’s size. In addition to tracking your progress, ‘smart insights’ will offer up helpful tips, reminders and the daily scoop.

Glow Nurture

This goes way beyond a simple countdown app. You can track water intake, calories consumed, kegels performed, sleep, emotional and physical discomfort.

This is a feature laded first version, but the developers are not standing still. New versions will include kick counters, baby registry, baby name algorithms and much more.

Download Glow Nurture (Free)

Ninja UP!

Gameloft has released an 8-bit pixel ninja game that is incredibly addicting. You take the role of little ninja that is skilled in the art of jumping and bouncing.You make this happen by drawing ropes, adjusting his bounce by using different lengths and angles.

A fun, pick and play game. Have your friends play on GameCenter and see who can fly higher,

Ninja UP!

Download Ninja UP! (Free)

These our your apps of the week for July 19th, 2014. The App Store is brimming with new apps each and every day. Did you spot a great new app this week that we missed? Share it in the comments!