For those attending graduations, we’ve got a long list of apps to help get you through those long graduation processions. This week, we relax with origami, search for Fisherman Bob’s fingers, find numerous reasons to jump in tanks and find room for yet another new messaging app. It’s time for the everythingiCafe apps of the week for June 28th, 2014.

Apps of the week


This app mixes the ancient art of origami with gameplay. With each level, you’ll be faced with more complex shapes and a limited number of folds. The puzzler features a soothing soundtrack as the backdrop for this incredibly challenging and well conceived game.

Paperama features 3D graphics, over 70 free puzzles and a smart hint system should you get stumped. Simple, elegant, relaxing and ever so addicting.


Download Paperama (Free)


An entertaining game about helping Bob the Fisherman find his fingers, which have been bitten off by the cute, colorful jellies. The game has three modes – Timed, Endless (IAP), Battles. The primary mode is timed, where you have 60 seconds to connect as many of the same color jellies as you can, using combos to increase your score and time.

Things really get crazy when you enter “Disco Mode” and the connections become fast and furious. The music design is from Acid Pop, perfect for keeping you on your edge of your chair as you attempt to save poor Bob’s fingers.


Download Jellies ($1.99)

Desert Fox: The Battle of El Alamein

From the makers of the award-winning Battle of the Bulge and Drive on Moscow, comes a new history, turn-based strategy game. Set in WWII, you’ll be in command of a campaign to take hold of North Africa. Designed from the ground up, you’ll command tanks, recon units, flak guns and more.

Fans of strategy games are in agreement with glowing reviews in the App Store.

“This is clearly the best game ever created. If you buy it, you will always be the center of attention. Women will want you, men will imitate you, poets will compose sonnets in your honor. Your dog will learn to make the bed. This is seriously wonderful software. Buy this game now.”

Not sure about the first part of that review, but you get the gist. If you like turn-based strategy, this is one battle you’ll want to join.

Desert Fox

Download Desert Fox: The Battle of El Alamein ($9.99)

World of Tanks Blitz

We talk a lot in our Apps of the Week about games that are console quality. World of Tanks Blitz will remind you of the PC version, bringing intuitive touch controls that makes it a blast to play on the iPhone or iPad. With over 90 tanks from German, the United States and the USSR, you head into battle against other tanks. Choose from different tank classes, improving your tank with different modules, equipment and consumables.

World of Tanks uses real-life physics that will be on display in 8 unique battle arenas – deserts, towns and industrial areas. This might seem complex, but you can pick and play, inflicting damage in a mobile combat experience that has seen this app garner excellent ratings.

World of Tanks

Download World of Tanks Blitz (Free)

Fly – A fast new video editor

The iPhone can produce some fantastic video footage, but the difference in good and great videos if often the edit. Taking the time to edit videos can make a big difference. Fly makes this process simple and fast, two things not necessarily associated with video editing. Using Fly, you can easily cut your videos, add transitions and even pull advanced picture-in-picture and split screen effects. Fly also lets you add music and voiceover.

Fly video editor

For real movie making magic, Fly lets you use multiple iOS devices to create multi-angle videos. The only real limitation here is the 5 minute maximum, but that should be sufficient for most home videos. Fly offers a number of in-app purchases, some of which are required for the advanced editing options.

Download Fly (Free)

Squish: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

If you’re looking something to keep the kids happy, let them craft some clay with Squish. Get creative by manipulating 3D clay molds of your Mickey and Minnie. Use the Twiterator, the Melter and other ‘squishers.’


Download Squish: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse ($4.99)

BeamIt – Visual Messaging

There are no shortage of messaging apps, but you might want to make room for one more. This app is like a blended version of Photostream and Messages. The private messaging app is deep rooted in photo sharing. You can share tons of photos, in full resolution. Send something you wish you didn’t? Use the unsend option. It merges features like comments and likes. Send photos to your family or send separately. BeamIt puts you in control.


Download BeamIt – Visual Messaging (Free)

These our your apps of the week for June 28th, 2014. The App Store is brimming with new apps each and every day. Did you spot a great new app this week that we missed? Share it in the comments!