Apple TV To Play Role In HomeKit Control

This week at CES, a large number accessory makers used the event to showcase their Apple compatible products. With the Internet of Things becoming a growing trend, there was a big emphasis on home automation products. Specifically, manufacturers were showcasing outlets, light bulb adapters, locks, power-strips and garage door opens that support Apple's HomeKit. Though they used the event to showcase their products, none have yet to receive the all important MFi (Made for iPhone) certification. In fact, one parter commented that Apple "had a lot of work to do." One common theme was the importance Apple TV will play in HomeKit. … [Read more...]

The Apple TV Setup Process Sucks, But It’s Fixable

4th gen Apple TV

The Apple TV setup process is awful, but it's not any different from the experience on the Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Google's Nexus Player and any other obscure media streaming box you want to add to the bunch. Having set-up an Xbox One over the weekend, you can add that too. Pretty much everyone is in agreement that cable boxes and the overall TV watching experience is flawed. That's not going to improve anytime soon, but we should demand better from our streaming media boxes. We can all hope that Tim Cook rides in on his white horse with something that magically transforms TV. In the interim, Apple has an opportunity to rise above the crowded field of media streamers. I seem to collect media streamers as if they were Twitter clients. … [Read more...]

NFL Now Channel Hits Apple TV

NFL Now Apple TV

As expected, the National Football League has brought its new NFL Now channel to the Apple TV, letting fans catch up on all the latest happenings of their favorite teams and more. As with other new channels, there isn't any you need to do on your end to enable the new channel, other than fire up your Apple TV. So, what can you expect? … [Read more...]

Apple iTunes 11.3 Update Adds Support iTunes Extras for HD on Mac, Apple TV

Apple today released iTunes 11.3, a software update that adds support for the 'all-new iTunes Extras for HD movies' on both Apple TV and Macs. iTunes Extras differ based on specific movie releases, but can include behind-the-scenes videos, short films, high-resolution image galleries, director’s commentaries, scenes and more. These are many of the extras often included on DVD and Blu-Ray discs, sadly missing from online purchases, until now. If you had previously purchased a movie on iTunes, you might benefit from all new content. If you own an Apple TV, you'll need to software update version 6.2, if you have not already. With the update in place, you'll gain access to new menus where you'll find new content related to your … [Read more...]

New Apple TV Channels: ABC News, AOL On, PBS Kids, Willow TV, Flickr Redesign

Apple TV channels

The selection of channels available on the Apple TV increased yet again today, with several new additions. ABC News joins the previously available Watch ABC, offering news clips, content and other free content. Watch ABC still requires you enter cable subscriber information in order to access TV shows. ABC News lets anyone access content without any sort of login. … [Read more...]

Apple TV: 5 Things That Would Make It Awesome

4th gen Apple TV

Looking at Apple's product lines, the Apple TV stands out as one that has seen little in the way of major features. The user interface has remained the same and the UI design was far from stellar when it was first introduced. From a hardware design perspective, there's not much you can do with a black box. For the most part, it serves its purpose, which is to get lost in a home entertainment center or mounted behind a television. We've seen a continuing stream of new channels and small feature upgrades like being able to hide channels. Having spent extensive time using a Roku, Apple TV and now Amazon Fire TV, it's clear that Apple cannot afford to ship a new model with nothing more than upgraded internals. This might not be the year we get … [Read more...]

Apple TV Driving Serious Revenue, Available Now With $25 iTunes Gift Card

Tim Cook

At an Apple shareholders meeting, CEO Time Cook remarked that the Apple TV was responsible for $1 billion in sales in 2014. That figure includes both hardware and sales of iTunes Store content including movies, music and TV shows. It's hard to discern what percentage of that revenue is a result of Apple TV hardware sales. The last data point regarding units sold was provided in early-2013, when Apple confirmed 13 million units sold. "It’s a little more difficult to call it a hobby these days," said Cook. … [Read more...]

Amazon Preparing Streaming Set Top Box To Compete With Apple TV

Amazon TV set-top box

Despite offering a plethora of TV, movies and music for sale and rental, Amazon has relied on other companies to shoulder the load when it comes to offering products capable of streaming Amazon content. According to a report from re/code, Amazon is preparing their own proprietary streaming set-top box that will offer Internet TV channels. … [Read more...]