Apple TV Driving Serious Revenue, Available Now With $25 iTunes Gift Card

Tim Cook

At an Apple shareholders meeting, CEO Time Cook remarked that the Apple TV was responsible for $1 billion in sales in 2014. That figure includes both hardware and sales of iTunes Store content including movies, music and TV shows. It's hard to discern what percentage of that revenue is a result of Apple TV hardware sales. The last data point regarding units sold was provided in early-2013, when Apple confirmed 13 million units sold. "It’s a little more difficult to call it a hobby these days," said Cook. … [Read more...]

Amazon Preparing Streaming Set Top Box To Compete With Apple TV

Amazon TV set-top box

Despite offering a plethora of TV, movies and music for sale and rental, Amazon has relied on other companies to shoulder the load when it comes to offering products capable of streaming Amazon content. According to a report from re/code, Amazon is preparing their own proprietary streaming set-top box that will offer Internet TV channels. … [Read more...]

WSJ: Apple TV Plans Being ‘Scaled-Back’


Plans for the forthcoming next generation Apple TV are being scaled-back, this according to a new report from the Wall Street Journal. Amid news that Apple had been in negotiations with Time Warner Cable regarding adding new video content to their upcoming set-top box, we are learning that the company had planned loftier plans that would have include its own Internet-based TV service, which would have involved licensing of programming. The type of change that would have caused a shake-up in the industry, similar to big moves Apple has made in the past, notably in the music industry. A seismic move that would have put the company in direct competition with cable companies. … [Read more...]

Apple Negotiating With Time Warner To Bring Video Content To New Apple TV

Apple TV

There have been a number of reports citing possible changes to the Apple TV that have included support for a new game store, router integration and support for new content. Bloomberg added to the chorus of upcoming changes, adding more information to claims of new content. According to their report, Apple is in negotiations with Time Warner Cable, Inc. and others regarding adding of video content to the new fourth generation set-top box. The new Apple TV could be introduced as early as April, with a formal release not until later in the year, likely before the holidays. As with any new and unreleased product, the dates could change. With this specific product, the release seems highly dependant upon the trajectory of negotiations … [Read more...]

Next generation Apple TV referenced in iOS 7

Apple TV iOS 7 reference

The Apple TV is likely to see a refresh sometime in early 2014. The last product refresh was in March of 2012, when Apple released the third generation with support for 1080p. Various rumors have a new model which will include support for a new content type, support for games and could feature a router integrated into the product. What was once a hobby for Apple, it's now listed as a major product category in the Apple Store next to iPhone, iPad, iPod and Macs. The first confirmed existence of new hardware comes today via 9to5mac, who have spotted references to the new hardware in an iOS 7 software build. Within iOS 7, there is a reference to AppleTV4,1, within the Apple TV framework. It apparently refers to AirPlay functionality. … [Read more...]

Reasons Apple Might Include A Built-In Router In Upcoming Apple TV

Apple TV Extreme

Yesterday we saw Apple make modest, yet significant changes to the Apple Store. No longer relegated to an iPod accessory, the Apple TV is now a full-fledged product category. Apple has used words like 'hobby' when discussing the Apple TV, so the move to push it to above the fold is meaningful. The timing is a bit odd. It's not as if the Apple TV, in its current form, offers anything new. It could simply mean that Apple is trying to build awareness of the product line ahead of what could be a major product refresh, one that could include a built-in router. That brings up an even bigger question. What would Apple build a router into the Apple TV? … [Read more...]

Apple TV Gets Its Place At The Big Boys Table

Apple TV in store

Apple TV, formerly stuck in hobby status, is starting to get serious attention at Apple. While the current Apple TV continues to receive a steady stream of new channels, the latest today being Red Bull Sports, little was done by Apple in the way of promoting it. It still sold fairly well, likely due to it being a fantastic iPhone accessory that's priced right. Still if didn't want an Apple TV, chances are that you wouldn't bump into it in the Apple Store (retail or online). Spotted first by 9to5Mac, the Apple TV is now listed among the main product categories when you visit the Apple Store online. It's listed next to iPhones, iPads, iPods and Macs. The Apple TV finally has its place at the big boys table and this has happened without any … [Read more...]

New Apple TV Slated For Early This Year, Could Add Support For Games, Apps

Apple TV

Multiple reports today indicate that a new Apple TV is currently in testing and could be released sometime during the first half of 2014. The new Apple TV would be a fourth generation model of the current iteration, not to be confused with a full Apple television. The fourth generation Apple TV could bring some serious changes that could include a new user interface, while continuing to use iOS as its core software. Having iOS as the foundation of Apple TV software will play a key role in the eventual roll-out of what's rumored as support for games and possibly apps for the set-top box. … [Read more...]

Yahoo Screen and PBS Channels Now Available On Apple TV

Apple TV Yahoo PBS

Although we didn't see any new Apple TV hardware at the last two events, Apple continues to beef up content, adding both Yahoo Screen and PBS channels. Both are available now to existing Apple TV customers and should auto-magically appear. Yahoo Screen, launched last month for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch brings with it channels within their channel. … [Read more...]

New Apple TV Part Of Next Week’s Event

Apple TV

Apple's event is official, scheduled for next Tuesday, September 10th and it appears that a new Apple TV will be introduced. This news is based upon a report from Panjiva, a company that specializes in 'global shipment intelligence'.We had previously broken down our expectations for the event, which is expected to focus on two new iPhones, iOS 7 and an update on the progress of Mac OS X Mavericks. While an iPad refresh is looking less likely, that does not appear to be  the case with the Apple TV, as new information suggests the possible release of a 4th generation model. … [Read more...]