Apple’s iOS 8 and iWatch Will Focus On Fitness, Health Monitoring

A thorough report from Mark Gurman at 9to5Mac details much of Apple’s plans for 2014 specific to iOS 8 and the rumored iWatch. Sources familiar with plans indicate a big push into fitness tracking and health monitoring. When iOS 8 launches, likely sometime later this year, the new health and fitness features are expected to be front and center.

iOS 8 health

Gurman details a new application that is codenamed ‘Healthbook’. Like many fitness trackers, it will track steps taken and calories burned, among other activity data. All pretty standard, some of which is availble today using fitness trackers and even apps that support Apple’s M7 motion coprocessor on the iPhone 5s.

Healthbook will go well beyond capabilites one might get with a Nike Fuelband, when using the iWatch, which is said to have no shortage of sensors. These can track blood pressure, hydration levels, heart rate, glucose levels and other blood data points. The app in its current form, takes design cues from Passbook. Instead of retail payment options or tickets, the cards would represent critical data points specific to your health.

Sources who provided the information mention that Apple could decide to pull the healthbook features from iOS 8. Features in early development don’t always make it to primetime. If Apple is planning on releasing the iWatch this year, much of what could make this a revolutionary product would be the incredible amount of data points specific to a person’s health.

Source: 9to5Mac Image credit: Nexercise