5 Key Takeaways From Apple’s Cook, Cue and Iovine at Code Conference

Eddy Cue and Jimmy Iovine

At yesterday's Code/Conference, Apple made their acquisition of Beats Electronics official, with the deal closing sometime later this year. It made for an entertaining afternoon with interviews of CEO Tim Cook, SVP Eddy Cue who heads up Internet Software and Services for Apple and Beats co-founder Jimmy Iovine. Cook took the stage first, joined later by Iovine who will be a full-time employee with Dre. Iovine later joined Eddy Cue. The trio offered some interesting insight regarding the purchase, Apple's product pipeline and the current state of TV. … [Read more...]

Celebrating 30 Years: Memories of my first Mac

Happy Birthday mac

Today marks a birthday worthy of major celebration as the Macintosh turns 30. It's kicked off some amazing retrospecitives and personal stories of how Apple computers have completely transformed our lives. Long before the iPad, iPhone and iPod, there was the Mac. Born in 1984, under the bright glare of one of the greatest Super Bowl commercials in history, the Macintosh was designed for people and the love affair continues to this day. I remember my first Mac experience. As a college student in 1989, the 'computer lab' had rows of the Macintosh Plus. Back then, if you had to type a report, you needed to bring your floppy disks with you to the lab. Most, if not all, students would type their papers in the lab. It was incredibly … [Read more...]

Are Safari Push Notifications Too Invasive?

Safari Push Notifications

Apple's Mavericks update released earlier this year saw a host of new features, including an update price (free) that couldn't be beat. As the iOS-ification of Apple's desktop operating system continues, one feature is starting to draw the ire of users. Safari notifications is a new feature that can have desktop notifications appear when a website has updated their content. It's sorta, kinda like an RSS update, but via notifications that appear in the right hand slide-out column on your Mac. For this to work, a website must enable Safari notifications. In doing so, they are required to push a pop-up asking for permission and it's these pop-ups that are generating their fair share of criticism. … [Read more...]

How to create a bootable Mac OS X Mountain Lion USB install disk

Copy Mountain Lion install

Today brings the release of Mac OS X Mountain Lion, the update that brings more of iOS to Mac OS X, all for the paltry update price of $19.99. Follow this short tutorial on how to create a bootable Mac OS X Mountain Lion USB install drive. If you have multiple Macs, it can be handy to have a local copy of the installer along with Disk Utility should you have any trouble with your Mac. Mountain Lion follows the new tradition of being purchased, downloaded and installed from the Mac App Store. There is an option to purchase a physical copy on a USB, but that costs $69 from Apple. With Amazon selling 8GB USB sticks under $10, you can still find yourself with a full version of Mountain Lion on physical media for under $30. Purchase Mac OS X … [Read more...]

Fortune Names Steve Jobs Greatest Entrepreneur Of Our Time

Steve Jobs

Fortune Magazine has published a list of what they deem the greatest entrepreneurs of our time. What had to be a difficult task given the advances in technology over the past twenty years, the editors produced a formidable list that finds Apple co-founder Steve Jobs at the top. Given the time period for which this list represents, there are a number of individuals from the technology sector represented including the founders of Microsoft. The magazine calls Jobs "the quintessential entrepreneur". What's most interesting about the list were the qualities that separated Jobs from the rest of the pack. … [Read more...]

How to create a free Mac OS X Lion Recovery USB stick


When Apple announced that Lion would be available for purchase through the Mac App Store, it left many wondering what would happen if there was a problem with our Macs. In the past, you could always count on inserting a CD or DVD, allowing you to boot up in times of trouble. Lion is a different beast. There is no CD or CD, thanks to the electronic delivery. Apple promised to sell Lion on USB sticks and you can purchase one from the Apple Store for $69. This is great if don't mind paying the extra fare for both installation and recovery in a convenient USB Thumb Drive. If you opted for the $29.99 update from the Mac App Store, then a Lion Recovery USB will do just fine. The Lion Recovery Disk Assistant lets you create Lion Recovery on an … [Read more...]