Apple’s Interface Design VP Greg Christie To Depart Amid Reports Of Internal Conflict With Jony Ive

Jonathan Ive

Apple's software design group is undergoing major internal changes as a result of internal conflict between Apple Human Interface Vice President Greg Christie and Senior Vice President, Jony Ive, reports 9to5Mac. Christie was a senior software engineer who played a key role in the development of the original iPhone software, at the time working closely with Apple CEO Steve Jobs. Of late, his role at Apple had been to oversee all of Apple's software design and had been reporting to Craig Federighi. Ive will assume further control of Apple's software design, with Christie expected to leave the company. … [Read more...]

Christian Bale Favorite To Play Steve Jobs If David Fincher Has A Say

Christian Bale

Director David Fincher has yet to sign on to the Aaron Sorkin adapted biopic about Apple's co-founder, but if he does, it will be contingent upon Christian Bale taking the role of Steve Jobs. The Wrap reports that Fincher met with Sony Pictures Amy Pascal to discuss the film and his interest in directing the movie based on Walter Isaacson's biography. Apparently, casting Bale is a prerequisite for Fincher, who will pass if the studio decides to go in a different direction. … [Read more...]

Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer Retiring in September, Luca Mastri To Assume Responsibilities

Peter Oppenheimer

Apple today announced that CFO Peter Oppenheimer would retire at the end of September. Oppenheimer has been an employee at Apple since 1996, where he started as controller for the Americas and was quickly promoted in 1997 to vice president and Worldwide Sales controller.  Filling the void will be Luca Maestri, Apple's current vice president of Finance and corporate controller. The CFO position has been held by Oppenheimer for the last decade. … [Read more...]

Fortune Ranks Apple As Most Admired Company

Apple Store

Fortune today released their list of the world's most admired companies. It's an interesting list that isn't based on market cap, sales or stock price. The yearly study surveys executives and directors from eligible companies, in addition to financial analysts. They poll executives from the Fortune 1000, Global 500 companies with roughly 15,000 exectuives polled. The goal of the list is to find companies that have the strongest reputations within their industry and across other industries. When you think of smartphones and computers, it is no surprise that Apple retains their position as the most admired company. … [Read more...]

USPS To Honor Steve Jobs With Commemorative Stamp

Steve Jobs stamp

The United States Postal Service will look to honor Steve Jobs by offering a commemorative stamp starting in 2015. The Jobs stamp will be part of a collectible series that was recently approved and published by the Washington Post. Other honorees include Elvis Presley, James Brown and Johnny Carson. Based on this year's stamp collections, the upcoming 'Forever' Steve Jobs stamp will likely use a single image or artwork that best represents the late Apple co-founder. The USPS typically sells accompanying collectibles including a commemorative panel or keepsake. … [Read more...]

Celebrating 30 Years: Memories of my first Mac

Happy Birthday mac

Today marks a birthday worthy of major celebration as the Macintosh turns 30. It's kicked off some amazing retrospecitives and personal stories of how Apple computers have completely transformed our lives. Long before the iPad, iPhone and iPod, there was the Mac. Born in 1984, under the bright glare of one of the greatest Super Bowl commercials in history, the Macintosh was designed for people and the love affair continues to this day. I remember my first Mac experience. As a college student in 1989, the 'computer lab' had rows of the Macintosh Plus. Back then, if you had to type a report, you needed to bring your floppy disks with you to the lab. Most, if not all, students would type their papers in the lab. It was incredibly … [Read more...]

Are Safari Push Notifications Too Invasive?

Safari Push Notifications

Apple's Mavericks update released earlier this year saw a host of new features, including an update price (free) that couldn't be beat. As the iOS-ification of Apple's desktop operating system continues, one feature is starting to draw the ire of users. Safari notifications is a new feature that can have desktop notifications appear when a website has updated their content. It's sorta, kinda like an RSS update, but via notifications that appear in the right hand slide-out column on your Mac. For this to work, a website must enable Safari notifications. In doing so, they are required to push a pop-up asking for permission and it's these pop-ups that are generating their fair share of criticism. … [Read more...]

Apple Agrees To Settle With FTC Over Kids’ In-App Charges Made Without Parental Consent

Apple today agreed to settle an FTC complaint over charges incurred by children who made in-app purchases without parental consent. The settlement requires Apple to pay a minimum of $32.5 million and offer full refunds to those affected. In an email to Apple employees, CEO Tim Cook acknowledged entering into the consent decree, a result of months of negotiations with the FTC. The memo, which was obtained by Re/Code, goes to great lengths to explain how "protecting children has been a top priority for the App Store and everyone at Apple." Never to pass up on an opportunity to throw a jab at Google, Cook mentions how the controls in place "go far beyond the features of other mobile device and OS makers, most of whom don’t even review … [Read more...]

Hackintosh Built With Trash Can Embodies Mac Pro Spirit

Mac Pro hackintosh

We all can't afford the new Mac Pro, so one individual did the next best thing, he built his own. Using a myriad of computer parts, the non-sanctioned 'hackintosh' includes a Haswell Core i3 processor, Radeon 7750 graphics, SSD and HDD. Hackintosh computers are nothing new. What's new is the enclosure and how he managed to recreate the cyndrical design of the Mac Pro. Using this Authentics Lunar trashcan, he was able to fabricate the necessary cut-outs for access to the ports. He then went on to give it a red glossy paint job, complete with an Apple logo. The cost for the trash can? $37.10. Having a kick-ass Mac Pro hackintosh; priceless. This isn't going to win any speed contests when compared to the real deal. The specifications … [Read more...]

Apple Finding It Difficult To Perfect iWatch


According to a report today from The Information, Apple continues to experience production issues with the rumored iWatch. Specifically, Apple is having difficulty achieving satisfactory battery performance levels necessary for a wearable device. Troubles appear to be related the display. Although little is known of Apple's specific manufacturing plans, the company has allegedly considered switching display panels. … [Read more...]