Yesterday saw the release of Watch OS 1.0.1, the first major software update to the Apple Watch. The changelog included significant performance enhancements, specific to Siri, measuring Stand activity, third party apps and more. Nothing in the changelog describes anything specific to the heart rate monitor. There have been numerous reports on social media and various forums including our Apple Watch forums regarding issues specific to inconsistent updates to the heart rate readings on the Apple Watch.

Update: The issue is also being discussed on Apple’s forums.

Apple Watch heart rate

The Apple Watch includes sensors which regularly read the owner’s heart rate. According to Apple’s support site, this information is checked every 10 minutes. This information is then accessible using the pre-installed heart rate glance. It will show the last time it was measured. This information is stored and the data is transferred to the Health app on their iPhones. Users have reported that prior to the update, their heart rates would be measured every 10 minutes. After the Watch OS 1.0.1 update, the heart rate readings have become more sporadic.

“Since updating to 1.01 the watch heart rate seems to randomly update the health app. It used to be every 10 minutes, now it can be 10, 30 minutes and the last one was 2 hours ago…”

” I just got the watch yesterday but I can see a clear difference before and after the update. Before the update the measurements averages every 10 minutes, after the update it fluctuates between 30 minutes to an hour.”

In order to get a proper reading, your Apple Watch needs to have a snug fit, allowing the sensors to get a proper reading. This doesn’t seem to be the problem.

“I’ve changed nothing other than the firmware. During my ride this morning, it took about 10 minutes before it started to read accurately.”

By all appearances, this update fixed a number of issues, but has introduced a new problem. There are now a significant number of complaints regarding the inability of the watch to consistently read heart rates and not meeting Apple’s standard of every 10 minutes.