Amidst the flurry of Apple Watch announcements, was the formal introduction of HBO’s new streaming service. HBO Now will be available as a standalone service, providing customers with access to the entire collection of HBO programming for $15 per month. It’s groundbreaking in that it won’t require a cable or satellite TV contract. The service kicks off in April, just in time for the premiere of Game of Thrones. HBO Now will launch exclusively on the Apple TV. The service will be available on iPads, iPhones and Apple TV only for the first three months.

If that wasn’t enough to spur interest in the Apple TV, the new lower price makes it a much more attractive option. The third generation Apple TV will now be priced at $69, a $30 drop. This isn’t earth shattering, considering the age of the product, which first became available for sale over three years ago. With continuous software updates and new channels, it’s still a formidable streaming box. Its support for Apple technologies including AirPlay, also make it a must-have iPhone accessory.

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