Apple Shifts Resources to Mac OS 10.10, Pushing Features From iOS 8 to iOS 8.1

With roughly one month remaining until Apple’s WWDC on June 2nd, sources have told Mark Gurman that Apple’s focus will be on Mac OS 10.10 and as a result, resources continue to be pulled from iOS in an effort to finish what is a major design change for their desktop operating system. As a result, planned features from iOS 8 could be shifted to iOS 8.1, also currently in development.

WWDC 2014

Reasons behind the shift are due to major design changes happening to Mac OS 10.10, codenamed Syrah. These are expected to include design touches that are similar to iOS 7. Expectations are for similar toggle designs, sharper window corners, more defined icons and of course, more white space. While the design will borrow heavily from iOS, features consistent with Apple’s desktop software will remain. Design aside, Apple is not planning to keep the two on separate development tracks. In order to meet the June 2nd deadline, resources from iOS teams have been helping with Mac OS 10.10.

The impact of this decision will result in major features that might have made their way into iOS 8, could be pushed into iOS 8.1. Apple’s iOS team has reportedly been working on new features including Healthbook, a drastically improved Maps application with public transit support, Shazam OS level integration, a standalone iTunes Radio app, along with new Preview and Text Edit apps. It remains unclear just what features will make it to iOS 8. Other features could slip to iOS 8.1. It’s also not uncommon for Apple to test features which for one reason or another, get pushed to the following year.

iOS 8 will reportedly take advantage of Apple’s A8 processor and will provide “multi-resolution” support and will boast improved battery life, a key attribute with Apple’s iPhone 6 including a larger display that will affect power consumption. Gurman notes that while work continues on both Apple TV software and next generation hardware, their release dates are not intertwined.

While Apple may emphasize Mac OS 10.10 next month, you can expect iOS 8 to remain a key focal point during Apple’s WWDC 2014 keynote.

Source: 9to5Mac

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