As reported Friday, the first iPhone commercial aired last night during the 79th Academy Awards. The ad featured movie clips from past and present of stars answering phone calls saying, “Hello”. The commercial starts with a traditional black rotary dial home phone, followed by a steady stream of hollywood stars, led by Lucille Ball. Major stars included in the ad are Marilyn Monroe, Burt Reynolds, Jerry Lewis, Peter Sellers, Richard Dreyfuss, Steve McQueen, Robert Redford and more. There is even an appearance from Betty Rubble from The Flinstones.

First iPhone commercial

In typical Apple fashion, they say plenty with such a simple commercial. In fact, there are no glitzy product shots or explanations about the iPhone and how it’s going to revolutionize smartphones. Apple knows that there is time for this to happen. Right now, this is about generating buzz. With a big audience at the Oscars and interest garnered from the big announcement last month, I suspect we’ll see a slow and continuous surge in marketing from Apple.

The commercial concludes with “Hello” in white text over a black background that transitions into “Coming In June”. Apple has since updated their homepage with the new commercial.

This is classic Apple. They’ve just announced a revolutionary smartphone, one that has features that were unimaginable on a phone. Instead of trying to force feed a list of features, they simplify things. The result should be a level of excitement that will drive people to the Internet for more information about the iPhone. Not due out until June of this year, propspective customers have plenty of time to find out the nitty gritty details. This ad is about awareness. The Oscars is the biggest stage and they’ve compiled a 60-second spot with some of the biggest actors and actresses. There will be plenty of time for ads that highlight features. For now, Apple needs to communicate that they have a new revolution device called the iPhone. This first iPhone commercial does just that.