Apple Re-opens Certified Refurbished Store On eBay

Reports over the weekend have uncovered a new, non-descript eBay store that is selling factory certified iPhones, all of which come with a full one-year warranty. Apple had previously launched a non-descript store offering factory certified iOS products back in 2012.

Apple refurbished store eBay

AppleInsider was first to spot the relaunch of the store this weekend. Back in October, 2012, we spotted what appeared to be Apple’s eBay Store. There is no Apple branding, but the details seem to reveal plenty as to Apple’s associated with the store. According to eBay, ‘factory certification’ includes burn-in testing, a final quality inspection by Apple and an Apple one-year warranty. it seems clear there is a partnership between the two.

The current offerings include the iPhone 5 in either white or black. The unlocked GSM model is priced at $449 and features 16GB of storage capacity. The store template allows for both 32GB and 64GB models, both of which are currently out of stock.

Apple has long offered refurbished products on their own website, but the iPhone has not been among the offerings. There continues to be a tremendous demand for after-market iPhones. As we’ve seen in the past, expect this store to go offline once inventory is depleted. The move comes just a few months before new iPhones are expected to be released.

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