Apple Purchases Swedish Facial Recognition Company

Norwegian site Mac1 has posted that Apple has bought up Swedish company Polar Rose, which specializes in facial recognition software.

The Malmö-based company specializes in developing technology which makes facial recognition, not unlike what Apple already has and uses iPhoto for Mac OS X. Through sophisticated algorithms, manages the software of the Arctic Rose to recognize faces in images and the company offers three different products using this solution. Two of the (Face Cloud and FaceLib) them seem to be very interesting for Apple.

Face Cloud is a scalable server-side solution to add facial recognition to nearly all types of Web services. One can, for example, easily imagine Face Cloud can be used to introduce face recognition in images that are uploaded to Mobile Me – a service that does not exist today.

FaceLib is the same face recognition just moved to a mobile phone. FaceLib can either work together with Face Cloud or can make facial recognition directly on your mobile phone – such as an iPhone. FaceLib Polar Rose has developed for both the iPhone and Android today.

You can see the tech demoed in the video above (for a non-Flash version, go here). So, here’s guessing we’ll see facial recognition come to your iPhone in the near future, cloud-based recognition on MobileMe, and I’m sure this will integrate with Facetime in some odd way.