Apple Pulls Big Fish Subscription Based Game From App Store

Just days after Bloomberg reported that Apple was going to allow for a subscription based gaming app, Bloomberg has issued a follow-up to their story, letting us know that the app from Big Fish Games has been pulled. The application was going to cost $4.99 per month and allow users to play a dozen or so games. The price was expected to go up to $6.99 once new games were added.

Big Fish Games founder Paul Thelen seemed surprised by the move, indicating that Apple had worked with them for several weeks.

“It was officially approved,” Thelen said. Apple had even seen the app’s press release before it went out earlier today, he said.

It remains unclear as to what Apple’s stance is on a subscription based gaming service, with subscriptions usually reserved for newspapers or movie services. There has been no comment from Apple as of yet. We’ll know Apple’s stance based on the status of the app in the App Store and as of now, it’s been removed and the developer isn’t sure why.

We’ve said it before, subscription based gaming doesn’t seem like a great win for customers, with costs per year upwards of $84. Is anyone upset about this being removed or were you looking forward to a $6.99 per month all you can eat buffet of games?

Source: Bloomberg

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