Apple PR Vice President Katie Cotton, Retiring After 18 Years

Apple’s longtime PR head Katie Cotton is retiring after spending 18 years at the company. Her time with the company included some of the tougher years for Apple and helped guide them during their resurgence. She was at Apple during the late nineties (the Performa years) and their triumphant return with the iMac, iPod and of course the iPhone and iPad. Cotton spoke to re/code regarding her decision to leave, explaining that the decision was not easy.

Katie Cotton

“This is hard for me,” she said. “Apple is a part of my heart and soul.”

Apple is one of the more unique companies in how they handle PR communications. While this is typically outsourced to a firm that specializes in public relations, Apple handles their business internally. Their events are by far the most widely covered product introductions of any tech company. Only a chosen few publications and news outlets make it to the invite list, adding the mystique of the productions.

Steve Dowling issued this statement on behalf of Apple:

“She has wanted to spend time with her children for some time now. We are really going to miss her.”

John Gruber at Daring Fireball shares a personal experience shared with Katie Cotton during the now infamous iPhone 4 antenna-gate. The so-called ‘death-grip’ had become a major public relations problem, one of the few in recent years. Cotton played a key role in the event and outcome that essentially defused any further damage to Apple.

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