Apple Eyes October Launch For Wearable Device

Multiple sources have confirmed that Apple is planning the launch of their new wearable device for October, which will dovetail with the new health monitoring features found in Earlier today, Nikkei reported that Apple is in the process of finalizing specs for a new watch-like wearable device that will run iOS 8, with devices hitting the market in October. John Paczkowski reporting for re/code confirmed the October target date.


Sources have said that Apple is planning a special event that month where they will show off the product, complete with its monitoring of health and fitness data. Apple’s recently introduced Health app relies heavily on third-party hardware. Apple’s recent commercial pushes many of the wearable devices that currently work with the iPhone. The ‘iWatch’ could certainly go a long way towards populating the app with information that could be valuable to consumers, well beyond capabilities found in the current iPhone 5s. Being developed by Apple, it will certainly have advantages of being deeply integrated with iOS 8 apps and software.

Sources indicate the iWatch will use a curved organic light-emitting diode OLED touchscreen. Apple is expected to produce 3-5 million units.

Source: re/code

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